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Anti-war Movement?

What happened to the anti-war movement?
Obama promised an end to the Iraq conflict in 2009 and not only are we still in Iraq we are escalating the hopeless conflict in Afghanistan. Where is the outrage? When Bush was president it was a big deal now everyone is quiet and the subject doesn't even get mentioned... what gives here? I personally want us out the Middle East for starters and then out of South Korea, Germany, Japan and every other colony we currently have military forces in. Any thoughts as to why this has been swept under the rug?

You Got Me 11.Nov.2009 21:42


The what movement
(go back to sleeeeeeeep)

Brainwashed Fake Progressives Support Obama 12.Nov.2009 12:04


It is because Obama is supported by a bunch of brainwashed fake progressives who buy into the false left/right paradigm of the Democrat and Republican parties. In their minds, the wars are now justified because they are under the supposed direction of their saviour, Lord Obama. Obama is taking marching orders from the same globalist oligarchs that Bush was. All presidents are now merely a puppets to these interests. Look at how "Code Pink" has back peddled on the issue. The fact of the matter is, Obama has continued ALL of the same disasterous programs that the Bush Admin. put into place at the behest of his masters. He has actually expanded them. The recent Nobel peace laureate has just ordered the deployment of 40,000 additional troops to Afghanistan! War is now peace my friend, get used to it.

Glad I voted for Cynthia McKinney of the Green Party......

I, Too, Voted Green 12.Nov.2009 13:15

Den Mark, Vancouver

Oh, how upset people were before the election when i told them i would vote for Cynthia McKinney. I countered that nothing would change in foreign policy with Obama. It's fun & yet not fun to have been right. We who voted Green were right, but how sad to have been right but in the minority. It's tragic to be trapped in a purported "two-party" system. The "left", whatever that is, was alseep during Clinton years & has now fallen asleep again with Obama. In Pittsburgh it was shocking how small the main marches were against G-20, as Obama spit his contempt for protest, the kind of protest that led to his being in the presidency. WTO/SeattlePlus10 is coming up. I wonder how "big" the protest will be. And there'll be the lazy stupid few who say that protest doesn't do anything, who apparently cannot read history. Maybe we should all stay home? NO! Protest remains powerful, & is diminished only by those who do not participate. See you in Seattle!


Dormant Anti War Movement 13.Nov.2009 13:22

School Teacher

Some people just got tired out. But now is the time to push. I keep calling my senators and reps and emailing the white house. I will picket fundraisers of politicians who are for the Afghanistan Wars. Check the fundraising schedules of your congressmen and senators and attend or picket outside with signs. One way to wake people up is to pin the recession and our lack of social programs on the vast sums that went for the wars. When people who are struggling figure out that their tax money went to wars and Goldman Sacks instead of Health, Education, Mortgage Relief, and Jobs, they will get angry.

Our job is to carry that message. We need targeted demonstrations at the corps. that made a fortune off wars, foreclosing banks and our insurance companies. Kudos to those who picketed Blue Cross a while back. Leadership may be dormant but nothing is preventing a few folks from calling friends and annoying those who have benefitted from our misery and the misery of others. Just do it!