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Obama is a sociopath, but, it's nothing personal

Obama is a sociopath, but that shouldn't shock. He's a U.S. President, and Commander-in-Chief of the largest, most lethal arsenal in history, which could destroy the world many times over, and, which has a budget many times the size of the next 10 national military budgets combined.

Ipso facto, he's a sociopath. But, it's nothing personal.
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His Disgusting Speech 13.Nov.2009 12:48

Den Mark, Vancouver

I could not listen to Obama's entire Ft Hood memorial speech, because i could not stand the jingoism that i did hear. "Oh, how wonderful is our army. Oh, how wonderful is our people." What bloody skewering of truth. He should be ashamed. But he doesn't feel shame, because he's a democrat, . . . . . or is he a republican. His supporters should also be ashamed, but they haven't the capacity for shame either.