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VIDEO: Bike For Art

Video clips of Terry Hurst who is Biking For Art across Cascadia, and using the money he raises for a Youth Arts Center in Salt Lake City
Press Release (10.31.09)


He's just an ordinary, out-of-shape individual and he left home without a dime in his pocket
This week Terry is riding through Olympia and Tacoma on his way to Seattle. He is depending on community members and organizations to meet all of his needs for food, shelter, and cappuccino. He is asking for five million dollars in donations along the way.

Besides being the overweight, amateur cyclist, Terry is a community member with twenty years experience in community building. He has a professional background in writing and film. And he is spreading a message of community action and solidarity. He has made a commitment to ride around the country until he raises five million dollars.
-On 10.31.09 press release that was copied, from www.bikeforart.com website-


I met Terry through Portland Indy Media, on his bike stop in Portland, were we talked on camera for 30 minutes which I recorded and have finally completed all the various editing

I posted the original video on Portland Indy Media here:

Terry will be coming back through P town within the next few weeks sometime in November 2009

His social media website pages are all current and kind of cool to follow him on: as we the viewer /supporter can keep up with him on-line! Through all his links and media outlets and see whats "going on" in some "real time" time frames.

See the Indy post (above) for the complete list of all Terry's links

Art, Youth, Biking, Social Networking, Solidarity, Grass Roots Activism, Advocate for Empowering the Poor, Teaching , Father Role Model, ... all the stuff I have been waiting for!!

Ways to support - can be from spreading the word about this cause he is supporting, and Terry's Bike for Art Trek he has embarked on, OR you can: buy a pixel for a buck on the website, OR hook him up along the route with a meal or a bed, OR tell a friend "ahead on the route that he is coming their way" OR video tape him interview him or help him get some local press coverage, OR use his ideas and inspiration in our own communities.

Solidarity = Love
~joe anybody

VIDEO Terry Hurst Bike For Art film-compilation for Independent Media (#1-3 are 10 min each)

Part 1 of 3

Part 2 of 3

Part 3 of 3

Ben Waiting

Solidarity Bike for Art

homepage: homepage: http://www.joe-anybody.com

The idea of this bothers me 18.Nov.2009 12:37

locally grown

Why would you want to take the resources out of other communities to create something in one community if you are a "community organizer"? One art center anywhere is only going to help that one area, and that's great, but sucking $5,000,000 out of everywhere else seems like a highly damaging idea. That $5,000,000 could easily go towards buying 15 maybe 20 separate houses in different areas across Cascadia and create rent free places for people working on good stuff to live, or 20 different community spaces for good projects that need homes.

Also putting yourself in a situation where you are forcing others to support you is extremely privileged, whether you are a poor teenager who chooses to hop train and then expects the people who live the city where you land to support you or an older, out of shape community organizer who decided not to find a way to support yourself before leaving on an epic journey.

Why don't you go back and organize in your own community and ride your bike around your own town?

Armchair Do-little 19.Nov.2009 13:31

Joe Anybody

Boy ...the suggestions to "go back to your own town'
How compassionate

And while I'm at discussing "suggestions"
....Why don't you do something (anything) other than "armchair" what "you" think is good for the community?

The whole world is my community!Not just "my town" or "My neighbor hood"

All you have to do is "give a buck to help" the cause (if you can)
Or if nothing else "show some solidarity"

(then again I'm used to living among "selfish people")(privileged) (?)

For you arm-chairing for 20 different community spaces is admirable ...and I would love to film your story ...
Problem is ...your idea is "just a story" ...while Terry is out making shit happen, your arm-chairing negative opinions about telling Terry "go back and ride your bike in your own town" is insulting and rude!

So there is not much thanks for your comment, for thats all your doing is just "commenting your opinion"
I prefer to help support folks "that actually are doing things"