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Nationwide Convergence on Fur Farm Capital

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Nationwide Convergence on Fur Farm Capital / November 28th, 2009

On November 28th, activists from across the country will converge on Morgan for Fur Free Saturday. Morgan is the largest fur farming town in the country, with 15 active mink farms. For the first time, the animal rights movement will bring all the tears and rage for the millions killed every year for fur to the belly of the beast: Morgan, Utah. This convergence will climax in a one-mile march through the heart of this fur farm capital, past two of Morgan's mink farms.

The mere threat of this protest has already generated enormous media coverage, and Morgan County's mink farmers and police are scared. Morgan has responded by amending their protesting ordinance to outlaw protesting within 1000 feet of a mink farm. Activists responded by filing two lawsuits, charging the ordinance is unconstitutional. The protest will continue.
Morgan is clearly a town contemptuous of the constitution and steeped in the tradition of murder. Two lawsuits and numerous news headlines later, activists remain committed to march on Morgan November 28th, and are calling on activists nationwide to join them.

This event is likely to be legend.

More info at the Fur Free Utah website: www.furfreeutah.com

Contact:  peteryoung@furfreeutah.com

All activists arriving from out of town will be provided with a place to stay.

homepage: homepage: http://www.furfreeutah.com