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Are The dems Nuts!

Sen. Bernie Sanders and I are pissed
Individuals for Justice
Individuals for Justice
Just got a request from the DFA to celebrate the passage of the healthcare bill in the house of representatives. Are they nuts! WHAT THEY SAID: thanking our Democratic delegation of Oregon. Thank Oregon's healthcare heroes Rep. Earl Blumenauer, Rep. Peter DeFazio, Rep. David Wu and Rep. Kurt Schrader are true healthcare heroes! Because of their leadership and critical YES votes for reform, we're the closest we've come to finally achieving healthcare legislation that holds insurance companies accountable and offers choice and competition through a public option. They deserve our most sincere thanks. Oregon's healthcare heroes need to hear from Oregonians. These Congressmen helped pass the most comprehensive healthcare reform bill in the history of these United States. They?deserve our thanks. Find a Thank You Rally near you MY RESPONSE: The bill passed by three votes, and the **stupak amendment says to women, just about all women, that you cannot get insurance that will pay for just about any abortion. The exception seems to be if the mother's life is in danger. You will hear from **blumenauer, (3rd Dist. Oregon) and others that this is a first step, that is a lie. Whatever we get though the congress this year will be the best we can get; the outlining years will be less, not more, for healthcare. They should be shunned not cheered. When they vote in the house, they count and know how many votes they have on their side. If they don't have enough votes, they postpone until they can get enough. The argument now is as phony as blumenauer signing statements that he will not do something and the next week or so doing it anyway. This bill is a sham and progressives, real progressives must stand and say, thank you for voting against the stupak amendment, but voting for the bill with the stupak amendment in it is a betrayal of the highest order. I heard one progressive suggest that the senate will take it out, bullshit! So, go to your DFA rally and cheer for the passage of this sellout, how stupid are you? The new argument will now be, choose between woman's rights and healthcare. That is outrageous and brought to you by the democrats. **stupak is a democrat! DFA is now a shill for the conservative democrats and that is a sad day for all of us. For Justice,Peace and *Laughter, Joe Walsh-Lone Vet Individuals for Justice Veterans Against Torture * Why laughter?? ?Because without it I would have gone insane years ago. **Refuse to capitalize due to disrespect/disappointment or both Sen. ** harry reid must be replaced as Majority Leader, call me when you agree or just go away! An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching. Mohandas Gandhi

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Thank you. 10.Nov.2009 14:42

Den Mark, Vancouver

I appreciate your anger. There's much to be angry about. I am way beyond tired of the argument that says we must compromise constantly. Compromised principles are NOT principles.

Are dems nuts?