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Portland's Fur Cruelty Awareness Campaign

Monday through Friday
1-5 pm @ SW 12th & Yamhill
Protesting at the last fur den downtown!
Demonstrations continue into the fur season, even after four activists have been served restraining orders, and contested them unsuccessfully, the campaign trudges ahead. The activist's strength comes from knowing that their presence, standing in the cold & rainy conditions, holding sings and chanting at the top of their lungs, makes a beneficial impact to lessen consumer demand for exploited furry animal's skin. Talking with pedestrians and befriending other local businesses in the area gives protesters the sense that this campaign is growing and more unstoppable now than ever before.

The public will learn the truth of the torturous life of animals on fur farms (80% of the furs originate in these industrialized dens of despair, dying on a trappers line is an excruciatingly miserly demise also.) The public will know that innocent animals are gassed, stomped on, their necks are snapped, anal or vaginal electrocution is forcefully administered, and sometimes the sentient creatures are skinned while still conscious. The public will mobilize to end this unnecessary, vain cruelty. The public will question people they see wearing fur on the street, or the bus or max lines. People will come to understand the need for liberation, for extending compassion to the powerless, learning to truly accept mercy from the all-powerful exists at the core of these ethical actions.

The owner of the fur store just spent money for lawyers to convince the court to uphold restraining orders on the "4 core" activists, they won that battle, yet the war for free speech isn't over now. Support is being called for! Everyone who would curb "cruelty for the sake of vanity" becomes an activist. Advocates for animals can expect interesting conversations with the public, and expect resistance, and find a way of serving those who have known the worst of human behaviors throughout time.

See furkills.org or furisdead.com as they are helpfully informative.

And, the "tempeh and potatoes" of this communique;

Monday through Friday
1-5 pm @ SW 12th & Yamhill
Protesters are outside of the last fur store downtown, enjoy the Bombay Chaat House indian food cart across the street when you go!