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November 13, 6-8p, Smith Memorial Union Hall, PSU

Max Rameau is the founder of the Miami-based organization Take Back the Land. In 2006, the organization seized control of a vacant lot and built a shantytown called Umoja Village. Take Back the Land then began a campaign of taking over bank-owned foreclosed homes and moving homeless families into them.
Portland State University
Smith Memorial Union
1825 SW Broad way
Rm. 296 (second floor)
Portland, OR

homepage: homepage: http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2009/11/395213.shtml

ONE PROBLEM 10.Nov.2009 16:16

A boycottbartelldrugs@gmail.com

whhen some still live a shanty town concept of lifestyle ...its still 3rd world..... but redeveloping and noise and air and "green"abatements of such and other future housing would also creat jobs and still get more houses beyond those that conspire to dry up all subsidies with condo housing that ends up getting owned by the feudal landlords from china and india and arabs who only abuse with amusements whille adding problems others have to fix becuz they practice an implosive shakedown of the virgins as if it makes them more of a man destroying anothers innocence before the pro creative lifestyle could solve problems presently being added to by sympathy seeking backstabs to compassion lied to by educations of blame and hate