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VIDEO: Terry Hurst ...Riding a bike for Youth Art Center

Terry tells me why he is riding his bike out here in the Cascadia Region raising money for the new art center in Salt Lake City...
Tiny URL Link (to video):  http://tinyurl.com/yev7ebm
Bike For Art
Bike For Art
I met Terry Hurst in Portland on 10.29.09 over by the convention center on his way through the Cascadia area by bicycle. He is on a fund-raising bike tour, to raise money for an Art Center (MICA) in his home town in Salt Lake City.
Filming him, I asked him about his trip and why he is doing this, the more he told me the more I was interested.

(29 minute video)

Terry has a Coffee Shop in Salt Lake that also serves as a community/art center. He has been working with the youth in his area and in helping them become engaged in their own community. Using Art and along with a hand up and some hope and inspiration Terry's assist them to be themselves in a positive empowering manner.

Terry has been on the road with just his bike and trailer for the last 5 weeks and he is still going. He says he is going to be continuing this bike trek, till he gets the 5 million he needs donated for the MICA art center.

His bike tour is to promote the fund-raising idea that is as simple as "meet 5 million people and ask them all to pledge just one dollar". Terry is now heading north... but will be back in (through) the Portland area in a couple weeks ..."end of november/early december"

You can see how to pledge, and you can read his blog, see pictures, and get more information from interesting links about his bike adventure as he hit the road to raise funds for the Mestizo Institute of Culture and Art (MICA). "The Institute is an arts based community non-profit dedicated to art and social justice with their home base in Salt Lake City Utah. Their programming is focused on providing youth based art programs to one of the most undeserved neighborhoods in Salt Lake City."

To see what Terry is currently doing and to get up to-date pics, vids, blogs, and tweets or to help by making a pledge check these interesting links out:


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I have this interview on Youtube in three parts
(1)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=twU74aiIhdQ
(2) editing
(3) editing

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