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Is there still a pulse

Dead or critical condition?
So is Portland Indy Media just in critical condition or has it finally died? No articles or post for the past couple of days. Do I detect a pulse? Under the circumstances it would be appropriate to notify the family as to what is going on.

site down? 26.Oct.2009 11:34


I tried posting yesterday and the site was down.
Since I tend to post on Portland and Seattle, I have noticed an increase in the amount of downtime on both sites where it refused any posts.
Only being a little paranoid, it does strike me that it goes down before any major action--such as the Port Military Resistance.
So --are these sites being hacked?

Hm... 26.Oct.2009 13:55

an IMC Volunteer

Very strange, there's been many articles and comments posted in the last few days. In fact, I've had a difficult time keeping up with them, as I have only a little time to work on the site each day. We're still alive and well. What are you seeing that brings you to this conclusion? I'll let a tech know.

. 31.Oct.2009 00:46


This site is on its way to dead. It used to be 2-3 days an article would stay on the newswire. Now it is 2 weeks. That is 1/5th or less the number of posts. There are also now regular technical problems when before the site ran pretty smoothly. It seems like a sign of the times though and not only this site.

link to another Portland Indy page 07.Nov.2009 13:34

--> this way