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Fairfax, VA: Resident Threatened Over $1.77 Accounting Mistake!

Fairfax County, in Virginia, is one of the nation's wealthiest. It has odd practices, such as refusing to punish police officers who are convicted of espionage or who steal from the county. The county, will, however, go after someone for $1.77-even when it is the county's error!
A resident of Virginia's Fairfax County sold a car, and did all of the necessary paperwork.

The county's Department of Tax Administration was unable to get it right, and has been harassing the resident over the whopping sum of $1.77, and that sum comes from a county accounting error!

This is a place that keeps a convicted spy on the police force and that took no action when another police officer, on "desk duty" for causing an accident that killed a teacher, stole from the county.

The county has also been known to do business with Diversified Collection Services (part of Performant), one of the most disreputable collection agencies in the nation.

homepage: homepage: http://collectionagencyhallofshame.blogspot.com/2009/10/y-kant-fairfax-county-add.html