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The United States Green party and Capitalism

Capitalism is not and cannot be "Green"

If you have never closely examined the "ten key values" or the "four pillars"
of the Green party of the United States, You should treat yourself to the genius
of these prinicpals.
But after nearly ten years of being an active member of the Green party,
I recently ended my direct involvement with the United States Green party.
As someone who regards our ten key values as being "genius" and more
importantly, the very thing that separates us from the other political
parties, I could no longer align myself with individuals who were too
cowardly too take our ten key values seriously enough to say the "emperor
has no clothes." I.E. Capitalism

This subject (as was the case with many other controversial issues) was
considered taboo among the GPUS leadership.

As a vocal national representative for Oregon, I had to endure all of the predictable
drivel about "industrialism" being the real culprit! And then of course I heard the
usual neoliberal propaganda about how we can regulate and restrict capitalism into
submission (you know, the same things the corporate Democrats say).

And of course I also heard the (just as predictable nonsense) about
socialism being the same as capitalism in many regards. (as if a centralized socialist
economic system was the only alternative.

But I was never able to get anyone to point to ANY truly socialist economic systems
to prove their point. Instead we got the same incomplete (and frankly) dishonest
hyperbole about "industrialism" being the real culprit and how if we
could just regulate and restrict it into submission, we would be ok.

But attempts to have legitimate complete discussions about whether the fundamentals
of capitalism violate any of the Green Party's four pillars or the ten key values were
seen as being generated by "troublemakers".

Because if they ever did take this issue on, the answer would be so obvious to
everyone that the USGP would have to declare itself an "anti-capitalist" party.

Let's examine this issue further.

We know that global capitalism has been the worst thing that could ever
happen to those who value "social justice and equal opportunity." The
examples of this are so vast that this writer does not have time to even
begin to scratch the surface here today. But we know that it was
capitalism that created the WTO, the IMF, and the World Bank and most of
us should know what that has meant to the concept of social justice around
the world.

We know that capitalism cannot be sustainable because it requires
perpetual growth and an endless supply of resources and therefore
blatantly violates the value of "sustainability".

We know that capitalism has been the most ecologically destructive
economic system ever devised and as a result our planet is on the brink of
ecological collapse. Can our own assured destruction be considered
ecologically wise? Is this an example of future focus?

We know that capitalism has placed our country and many others in a state
of endless war to feed the military industrial complex which has in turn
created more violence than all of the dictators and empires in history combined.
Hardly nonviolent.

We know for a fact that capitalism does not promote "grassroots democracy"
and in fact, it does everything in its power to insure the death of
grassroots democracy by placing wealth as the main ingredient for being
elected and insuring that we remain an oligarchy.

We know that unfettered capitalism has destroyed the middle class and
small business and community by centralizing wealth among the Wal Mart's
of the world. Hardly "decentralization"! Nor does todays capitalism promote
community based economics and in fact, destroys the very fabric of it.

So then how is it that people who call themselves "Green" continue to
offer the same "tired rhetoric" and rationalizations for the blatantly
obviously flawed economic system????

Why are they afraid to announce loudly and proudly they are an anti-capitalist party???

Because these are the same people who think they can create a truly viable third party
by recruiting progressive democrats and frustrated conservatives and speaking honestly
about capitalism simply does not fit into that agenda.

They are unrealistic.
They are not honest.
They are not green.

Worst of all, they make up a large segment of the party.

It is sad that self proclaimed democrat like Michale Moore has the balls to]
tell the truth about capitalism, but that the United States Green party just can't
bring itself to do so.

It may not be easy to be Green, but it is a whole lot easier than being a
hypocrite. I'm still fundamentaly a Green, But I was a lonely voice in the party.