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The Mestizo Institute of Culture and Arts (MICA) is an arts based community non-profit dedicated to art and social justice with their home base in Salt Lake City Utah. Their programming is focused on providing youth based art programs to one of the most underserved neighborhoods in Salt Lake City. To continue this valuable work one of the MICA board members, Terry Hurst, is cycling accross the country to raise five million dollars and raise awareness about MICA. He is scheduled to arrive in Portland OR on Sunday October 25, 2009 and he needs all the help he can get to spread the word about this valuable endeavor. Please contact Walter@FiveMillionDollarFund.org if you can help in any way. http://www.fivemilliondollarfund.org/FAQ.aspx
He's just an ordinary, out-of-shape individual and he left home without a dime in his pocket Sunday, October 25th?Saturday, October 31st Terry Hurst will be in the community at large in Portland. He is depending on community members and organizations to meet all of his needs for food, shelter, and cappuccino. We are also asking for five million dollars in donations. Besides being the overweight, amateur cyclist, Terry is a community member with twenty years experience in community building. He has a professional background in writing and film. He is spreading a message of community action and solidarity. This campaign is to support Mestizo Institute of Culture and Arts (MICA). For seven years, MICA has actively engaged in social change through arts, activism, and dialogue. At MICA, Mestizo Arts and Activism creates a pipeline to higher education?the youth research issues that matter to them and then make presentations through art. MICA has a Muralism apprentice program for youth of mixed backgrounds?together with seasoned artists, they engage community through focus groups then create an interpretive mural. Most of all, MICA provides a public space for the community to decide what is important for them. We believe that no youth is expendable and that no community is expendable. This fundraiser is to expand on the success of MICA, with a specific goal of moving into a larger and more permanent space. What about the youth? "The program has really helped me to communicate with people, be comfortable with my art, and be involved in the community," Joaquin, age 14. "The first day I met Terry, he treated me like normal, he didn't care how I dressed--he don't trip... he just talks to me. That's what I like about Mestizo," Juan Carlos, age 21. "Today I was at East High sharing my art. Then I went to the university at the table for MEChA and then at West High meeting all the teachers to do my art project there. Four months ago I was homeless. I believe in Mestizo because Mestizo believes in me--which gives me belief in myself, something I've never felt before. I don't know much, but I know that!" Dominique Suazo, Age 23. It has been a 924 mile bike ride to get from Salt Lake City to arrive in Portland on Sunday and Terry has depended completely on community to get him there. Find out about the bicycle tour, make a donation, read Terry's blog, get latest news updates. What's the power of the pedal? It's a revolution. By putting Terry on a bike, community is taking a stand. We do not wait for change. If you would like more information on this topic please call Ruby Chac?n at 801-949-2743, Dave Galv?n at 801-633-9202 or Walter Mason at 801-834-2239 or e-mail at Walter@FiveMillionDollarFund.org

homepage: homepage: http://www.fivemilliondollarfund.org/FAQ.aspx
phone: phone: 801-834-2239

Video: 10.29.09 02.Nov.2009 00:25

joe anybody

A video I took of Terry in Portland explaining more about the fundraising bike trip he is on

29 minute video interview
Terry Hurst Bike For Art Video
Terry Hurst Bike For Art Video