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hi love

athens greece weekend and till now
hi love
hey , how was your weekend ?
I am here in Athens at the moment.
This weekend we had a protest in the area of Nikaia (an area close to Piraeus Port) .
The protest took place because the police beat up til death Kamran,an immigrant from Pakistan in the end of September!
So although this Saturday was a rainy day, around 700-800 of us gathered and protested in the streets of nikaia .
We passed from where Kamran used to live and then we stopped outside the police station were we threw , as planed , lots and lots of stones .
It was like a rain of stones- lol- and it was the least we could do...
Then the riot police was attacked with tear gas and other chemicals ( they dont have another way honey,without that chemical shit they are doomed ) and arrested few of us . We could not allowed that and so we immediately occupied the town hall of Nikaia , a luxurious 5 floor building.
We demand the immediate release of our comrades but the police state reply that they gonna keep some of them in jail for a year or so . We found this out on sunday night so we left the town hall of Nikaia and we occupied the headquarters of the university of Athens, located in the city center.It is Monday morning and I am writting u from there, he have a meeting soon to c what the fuck are we gonna do with these fuckers we are dealling with .
It was nice to be back in athens for a while and c all my friends and comrades,not to mention the attack on the police station which was something really cool but we have to get out of jail our friends asap!
Anyway, how was your weekend? Did u go out to a nice club ? Or to a nice restaurant ? Did u go to the movies ? Or maybe u had a romantic walk maybe with a " friend"? so nice... .wish I had time 4 all of that but...
c u soon
I hope in athens city
yours (A*)
ps: what we did after all ? people know now Kamran's name , media had to talk about it .WE RULE HERE .

3 comrades are in jail now . if they are not free by the end of the week maybe we ll get angry . u know we dont only protest in the streets we stones ... we have also lots of alternatives!

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