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12 Arrested at Regence Sit-in!

Healthcare activists and their supporters, take over the campus of Regence-Bluecross, in an attempt to meet with their CEO, and have demands heard, but are denied justice, and refused entry.
This is Martha Perez, reporting to you live from SW Portland, where about 50 healthcare advocates are gathered for a non-violent, peaceful sit-in, rally and march around the campus of Regence Bluecross, home to one of the largest healthcare insurers in Oregon state. I am being told the building now is in lock-down, and will remain so, for the time being, in response to this latest action.

To give you some background into these on-going developments, earlier this year, Regence attempted to raise their rates by an alarming 26%, but the State of Oregon intervened and reduced the proposed rate change, thus giving limited relief to health insurance customers (aka 'members'). Now, this isn't the first time that Regence made such an attempt to wantonly raise rates on its members. In 2008 of July, the company successfully did raise its rates, by a whopping 25%, outraging members further. Now, the state usually can only intervene, if a complaint is filed by one of Regence's members, which did occur in a timely fashion.

At today's action, at least a dozen activists were arrested for 'alleged' trespassing on company grounds. It is unknown if the letter that the organizers were trying to send up to the CEO, arrived. Any hopes of negotiations stalled, when the arrests began in earnest, by Portland City Police, in collaboration with its special Mounted Horse Unit. Several dozen employees of Regence, were witness to the on-goings of the action itself. and appeared surprised by the activists' presence. This latest action, is a series of a coordinated, nation-wide efforts targeting BOTH for-profit, and non-profit health insurance industries, since it is well known that the current crop of full-time, paid lobbyists, are working on behalf of both types of these insurance corporate interests.

The sit-in actions today across the country, come at a time when Congress is going to make a final vote on the future direction of healthcare reform/healthcare insurance reform. Stay tuned.

Reporting to you live from SW Portland, I'm Martha Perez, General Political Activist

phone: phone: (503) 954-8653

kboo link 19.Oct.2009 13:37


thanks Martha!

here is a link to KBOO who covered this event


Much thanks you guys! 04.Nov.2010 10:55

Amy Struloeff amystruloeff@gmail.com

Much thanks you everyone. Good stuff. Hell yeah. Peace

Portland, Oregon