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Broken Promises

More and more Barak Obama is showing his true colors. Many people voted for him based soley on his campaign promise to end the Iraq War in 2009. Obviously this has not happened and it pretty much a given that this war will continue until he is replaced with a more suitable anti-war President.
Its really sad to see that Barak Obama no intention of fufilling the Progressive agenda that was the basisi of his campaing platform. President Obama has no interest in helping the average working class person by providing the tax cuts he promised, nor does it appear as though he intends to keep a whole host of Progressive promises he made as well. Below are a couple of sources that verify these facts:




In addition I've never heard a word from him about protecting our old growth forests or any environmental issue related to the Pacific Northwest either. As it stands, I'm switching to the Green Party regardless of whether my vote counts for anything. I'm tired of the lies of another corporate puppet...

Progressive Change 10.Oct.2009 14:06

Ben Waiting

There is a new party starting that is called the "Progressive Party" . ...I seen a voter registration card with that option on it .... I'm considering changing to that one

The greens are a great option as well (in my 'opinion')