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Support Muddy Waters and Future Learning Space

Rummage Sale Benefit for
Muddy Waters Worker-Owned Cafe and Music/Learning Space
Come enjoy Much more than a "rummage sale."
Muddy waters cafe, at 2908 SE Belmont Street, invites you to rummage around with other folks,in it's gorgeous new space behind the cafe. Community members gathered to paint the space, and many community members help do outreach, support the workers, and also enjoy the cafe and the community support and food and warmth it provides every day! Let's keep this open and keep the spirit going! Meet us in the back space, ---which was the location of an incredible show last week--that was festive and showed how much Portland loves this generous, friendly, accessible,all ages style, musical, artistic, non-profit cafe.
Go to the website, www.muddywatersportland.com.

The Rummage Sale will be on SE 29th, around the corner from the cafe and past the toy store. It will be Saturday Oct 10th and 11th, from 12-6 pm. Of course the support goes to the space/cafe, but there is no cover charge to chat, visit, look around!