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Come paint KBOO Radio's Mural Saturday!

invitation to mural painting, plus an additional interview with artist Kevin Fitzpatrick
invitation from Ani the KBOO Volunteer Coordinator, followed by a seperate interview by Elly, another community affiliate

Kevin Fitzpatrick is a great artist who has been working with KBOO for many
months. You can see a great sample of his work on our new website kboo.fm,
as he has designed the new theme of the site, as well as a new t-shirt, and
the fabulous mural that's in process on the building. You can check out the
mock up at his website

We would love to have you help wield a paintbrush! Please join us on
Saturday, October 10th, beginning at 10 am, and continuing through until the
afternoon. To help coordinate the effort, please contact me with the part of
the day you you'll be able to make it. We'll provide paint, brush, friends,
fun, and snacks! All you need to bring is you.

Come out and celebrate with your KBOO community, in this day of fun-filled
history making!
ani haines KBOO volunteer coordinator

Interview with Kevin Fitzpatrick, by Elly Corazon

E: How did the process of working on a mural at KBOO happen?

Kevin: I initially applied for the job of web site designer, which I have been working as since February. They liked my illustration style and wanted to move to an illustrated website. It gives me a chance to make a web site like no other. I went inside KBOO and took pictures of the reocording rooms and met with staff. I wanted the mural to especially not be about me.

E: How did you get a vision of the mural and how did it change? What about the community involvement?

kevin: It was going to just be a mini-mural, an 8 X 8 signage mural. but then I went on this bike trip to San Francisco, where it seems like every building and storefront has a mural.-So then I wanted to make it a 50' X 14' size mural--take the idea and make it big.
I also wanted it to be something for the workers to get connected to.
I saw that so many murals had so many signatures on them-and the whole idea behind a community radio is community. Why wouldn't it behoove us as a community radio station to get people involved? People might just walk up--who never heard of KBOO before, and join in and paint.
It's really just to get people involved.

E: What kind of responses have you gotten? And what's it like to work in a "public" space, with lots of interruptions?

Kevin: I enjoy the distractions. It gets people talking about something positive.
The fact that it's about a mural-- that's an A+ in my life. It keeps the job for real. People are meeting people they wouldn't have met if they were only working in the studio. The feedback from people has been awesome. the strongest emotion has been one of shock--people are surprised and didn't know it was going to happen. And I think people like that this wall isn't beige anymore.

E: What about the legal process of getting a mural on a building in a city like this?

Kevin: we were going to go to the city, but I got this information that the Regional Arts and Culture center has money, time and committees designed to pass murals. We didn't want to put an advertisement or sign up. The council has money being given to artists specifically.

E: Anything to add?

K: I've been working on this for a week straight. Come on down and paint, help me finish it!