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We are very lonely

we need your support
Thursdays at high noon
Thursdays at high noon
This is a call to Peacemakers in the Portland area, we need your support. Last Thursday, October 8th 2009 Individuals for Justice, in coordination with other groups, staged a protest against Judge **jay bybee at our Pioneer Courthouse, which is also one of four buildings that the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit holds their hearings. We put out a call to PDX Peace---no response, Veterans for Peace, chapter 72-----no response, Jobs with Justice----no response. This was a special day that all four, (Pasadena, San Francisco, Seattle and Portland) courthouses would be protested because of this war criminal. The number of noble people who showed up was sad, and we could win this one in the coming months. David Swanson has put a lot of pressure on this monster, Code Pink has gone after him in his own courtroom, and we have kept a vigil/protest going for months with no support from the peace community. Where the hell are you?

Cristy Murray has put out a call to Code Pink for us, and Chapter 72 of the Veterans for Peace has had a presence for a long period of time, but we need more of you to come, we can fight for justice and win. These monsters of the bush and his dick administration must be held accountable.

I know the Veterans for Peace has endorsed this action, will you ask your organizations to say that we must witness for the dead and tortured prisoners of our wars and occupations?

We, Individuals for Justice, will continue this battle, and invite all who will come to join us next Thursday. I know it is difficult to take time on a Thursday at high noon, but surely there are times you can join us for a few minutes. We have the judges and staffs upset by our presence, the judges are running out the back doors to avoid protesters; that is the beginning of the end of bybee. Think about your work site, if you walk in and everyone leaves, how long could you sustain that reaction before quitting? People have stood up in court and yelled to the Judges, "Tell the War Criminal to Resign." All we are asking you to do is stand outside a bit and let people know that **bybee is wanted for war crimes against humanity by the people of the world.

We are fun people to be around, not afraid of much but love to laugh and have a moment. Barbara and I walked around the courthouse with about 10 pictures of bybee on a rope with the caption, "Wanted for War Crimes." We also have a standard skit of a prisoner with a black hood over his head with signs that read, "This is what bybee has done" or "The Record is now 15 minutes, want to try."

This is not a whine; but another call for you to join us.

Joe Walsh---Lone Vet
Individuals for Justice

homepage: homepage: http://IndividualsForJustice.net