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Torture Protest - Thursday Noon - Portland & Three Other Cities

Demand Judge ByBee resign or be Impeached
Portland Demonstration against the use of Torture on Prisoners of war
Demand accountability
PDX Torture Protest
PDX Torture Protest
Thursday, Oct. 8, protesters in 4 cities will simultaneously
demand 9th Circuit Federal Court judges to ask their colleague,
Torture Judge Jay Bybee, to resign. In San Francisco, protesters will
confront Bybee himself to ask him to resign.

When Bybee worked in the Office of Legal Counsel, in the Justice
Department, under Bush, he approved the memos written by John Yoo,
claiming that torture was perfectly legal. These memos are illegal and
immoral and were later repudiated by others in the Bush Administration.
The fact that Bybee authorized torture makes clear that he is a bad lawyer
and a bad person, and does not deserve to sit in judgment on anyone.
He disgraces the other judges, the 9th Circuit Court, and our country.

Patrick Leahy, Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, has said they
would not have confirmed Bybee had they known about the memos. And the
New York Times has called for his impeachment.

The 9th Circuit is in session on Thursday in Pasadena, Seattle,
Portland, and San Francisco. Members of CodePink, Progressive
Democrats of America, World Can't Wait, National Accountability Action
Network, Individuals for Justice and others will protest Bybee's presence on the Court.

Protest here in Portland will start at high noon until 2:00 PM in front of the courthouse at
700 SW 6th Ave Thursday 10.8.09

more here

Video: "Torture Law"

homepage: homepage: http://www.joe-anybody.com/id134.html

follow up 09.Oct.2009 15:35

Joe Anybody (email reopst)

First report on today's 4-city actions.

Sharon Tipton pulled it together. It was a good action although the numbers were small, and she was interviewed by the Washington Report (pix to come).
They protested for a while outside, and then two of them entered a courtroom and sat there for over two hours. Sharon: "Had I been quick enough I perhaps should have make my short speech at the break. Instead we waited til the end, and when the gavel went down, the guard and another employee who knows me and who sat in front of me apparently anticipating the action tried to stop me. I stuttered at first but finally got the message out: 'Your honors, demand Jay Bybee resign! Torture is illegal and immoral! Jay Bybee is a disgrace to this court!' One of the judges told me as I protested that she agrees torture is illegal. We'll follow up with her."

We did not have many people show up, but we did get some video and that will be up in a day or two. We filed a complaint against their security people because of harassment. Barbara and I walked around the courthouse with pictures of Bybee and the heading "Wanted for War Crimes." I will copy Joe who took the video and will send you a link ASAP. Because we have been protesting for months outside we could not get in but made sure they knew we were there. No arrests.

San Francisco
As you know, Bybee himself was sitting in SF today, scheduled for 1:30. CodePink, World Can't Wait, PDA, and other accountability activists were outside demonstrating at 1:00. There were 5 police cars and a van. At 1:30 we started inside, and were stopped at the door, where one of the marshals painstakingly (rehearsed?) explained to us that the case had been moved up to 12:45, and was now over. "It was very crowded and you wouldn't have been allowed in anyhow," he added. Susan checked with the Clerk, who walked out to look at the calendar posted on the wall. It did, indeed, say
Thu. 8 12:45 p.m. Courtroom 4, 2nd Floor <note new starting time
Before: WALLACE, THOMAS, BYBEE, CJJ & note change of crtrm
Cynthia pretended not to be with us (ha) and said she was going to the law library. They wouldn't let her go upstairs anyhow, so we don't know what was true and what wasn't.
We don't know when they changed it, how they let the litigants know, and why they changed it. I'll try to find out tomorrow. But I feel quite confident that they changed it because of us. WE ARE HAVING AN IMPACT!

Still to come: Seattle
(and video pictures from these events)

Video: Torture Protest Impeach Judge bybee 10.8.09 13.Oct.2009 21:00

Joe Anybody iam@joe-anybody.com

Video from last Thursday's protest in Portland to Impeach ByBee and protest the use of Torture - 10.8.09


Torture Protest Video #1



Torture Protest Video #2