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Vader Vees

"Vader" -- Yes thats right. As in Darth Vader.

"Vees" -- as in Vehicles.


Vader Vees -- Vader Vehicles
What the heck are Vader Vees?

That's easy to illustrate by example.

Example #1:

The Giant sized Ford F150 "Maxi" Pickup Truck. All Black Exterior. All blacked out ("charcoaled out") windows so you can't see inside. Moreover they are often heard and seen roaring, raging, and racing around courtesy of their owner-drivers. One could say it is a manifestation of cosmic evil sitting right "under" (actually over) our noses for those of us who don't really believe in cosmic evil.

Example #2:

The Giant sized Chevy Suburban. Again, all black exterior. And all blacked out, or "mirrored out" windows so you can't see inside. And as with the Ford F150, they are often heard and seen roaring, racing, and raging around.

One thing Vader Vees share in common is that when they slowly approach a pedestrian or bicyclist, they are frequently observed to suddenly increase their roaring, raging, and racing. One might interpret this behavior as an attempt to intimidate or harass. It could also be seen as an expression of negativity in the mind of the Vader Vee's driver.

In any case, as a community we can ask why should we tolerate these vehicles and behaviors?

It is proposed here that we make it very very expensive to own and operate the largest and most resource intensive gas and diesel powered vehicles.

One of the most egregious things that needs to be phased out is the easy financing of these vehicles.

Joe 6-pack can still walk in to his local dealership, sign his name on the dotted line, and walk-out with the keys....next to nothin' down. That's crazy.

For our transporatation public policy we want to see generosity when it comes to micro financing for the people for bicycles. And a lot more sticks and many fewer carrots when it comes to Vader Vees and their owner-drivers.