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Audio: One Day Left, Tell PGE What To Do WIth Their Coal Fired Power Plant

A 4 minute audio clip of Lloyd Marbet speaking today at the Ralph Nader event at PSU. Lloyd addresses the crowd concerning the escalating dangers of global warming and provides an opportunity for the audience to weigh in here locally.
PGE is accepting public testimony on their Boardman coal fired power plant, through October 4th, 2009, that's tomorrow folks! COLOR="#6633cc"> Lloyd Marbet on Closing Down the Boardman Coal Fired Power Plant.
PGE Coal Fired Power Plant
PGE Coal Fired Power Plant
Lloyd speaks briefly about the dangers of global warming, but mainly exhorts the crowd to visit the Sierra Club Site concerning this issue and then email PGE your views on the continuing use of coal to generate electricity here in Oregon.
"You don't have to be elaborate on it. You can tell them point blank that you as a citizen don't want this plant to continue to operate and that you want this company to go to zero emissions."

I had better luck in contacting PGE through the following link:

Friends of the Gorge, Sign and Send the Message

Marbet says further that PGE has expressed a desire to move towards Nuclear power in order to reduce their carbon emissions. "We voted not to have nuclear power in Oregon. Where are they going to go? There are going to go out of state. We as citizens need to stand up and put a stop to this, just as we need to put a stop to what is happening with single health care in congress. We need to unite with issues across the board and I invite you to take that civic responsibility that Ralph Nader talked about stand up and do something about this too!"

Friends of the Gorge, Sign and Send the Message

Another opportunity to participate:
October 14, 2009, Portland Rally and Public Hearing

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< HREF="http://www.afd-pdx.org/PGE_Boardman/PGE-Boardman.html">Alliance for Democracy

homepage: homepage: http://www.philosopherseed.org/mp3/Marbet_Boardman.mp3