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G-20 anarchist's hotel room raided by anti-terrorism FBI agents

Here is where the Patriot Act goes full circle and bites activists in the ass. The idea that this Act was written to eventually quell dissent doesn't seem all that crazy anymore. I think after reading about what happened here, I am concerned. The reason's being that if activists are tried like terrorists, some of us will never see the light of day or fair trial- indefinitely.
Here's a summary of the article: An anarchist G20 activist had his hotel room raided by an anti-terrorism squad. He was also charged with "with tweeting protesters with instructions on how to evade police at the G-20 summit." This activist used Twitter to notify people on the streets about the wearabouts of cops during the G20.

Article location:  link to www.nypost.com

I will refrain from assuming that the fact this guy was using Twitter led to his arrest. It is probably the case. Some people on PGH IMC were concerned about using Twitter with their IMC for good reasons. The reason I'm not touching this is there is something far larger at stake than an Anarchist forgetting an anticorporate stance. The issue at stake is that Green Scare BS and all the other problems we face will only get that much uglier now that an FBI Terror unit (spelling intentional) is involved.

I have felt the Patriot Act as the biggest sign of danger and that it has changed this nation into a place where people aren't fundamentally safe. Sure they only arrest guys with dark skin, seemingly, but there is no provision in the Act to not go after, well... anybody else.

I recognize most people, activist and non activist, tend to test the waters and wait until something seems real before taking it seriously. I do it. However, eventually we need to take heed to our own predictions about where things are headed. This may be the only way to take proper action before it is too late. A friend said that most of us here in the U.S. tend to live like nothing really bad can ever happen to and treat problems as just passing difficulties that will be fixed and then we can all go to bed and forget about it. The only problem is that historically, there are precedents all over the place which indicate that Governments can become vicious, evil and insane. Sure we know the reality of Amerika but do we really KNOW it? Do we accept it deep inside that we are on a dangerous slide to god knows where. I think we need to be wary, suspicious and also have faith enough in our own intelligence to transcend the traps which could be laid out before us.

I'd advice reading the article about what happened and taking the danger of it all to heart. Anarchist, or no, we can't forget that we are all part of the same tribe being harassed by the state. We ALL need to be aware.