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Saif Durbar: "Shovel Ready Project" Done Right

Saif Durbar has a plan for significant alleviation of growing unemployment in the Central African Republic.
Saif Durbar laughs when he hears about the bailout and other failed initiatives of the Bush Administration. He advises his friends in Virginia to vote for Creigh Deeds, as Durbar believes that Bob McDonnell is an extension of George Bush.

For some time, Durbar has had big plans for Africa. He plans to build a railway from Sudan to Cameroon.

The railroad will use raw materials-and labor-found in the Central African Republic.

In his typical understated manner, Durbar describes the project and "viable" and leaves it at that.

homepage: homepage: http://modernafricanperspectives.wordpress.com/2009/10/05/a-solution-to-rising-unemployment-in-the-central-african-republic/