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Still rape..

Here's a profile about dairy milk products that exposes the disconnect of pretend ethical "vegetarians". I say vegans should take back the whole proper word. When another species of animal is herbivorous they are called vegetarian, they don't consume other animals, parcel or particulate, anytime ever. Please don't take the title vegetarian if you want to keep exploiting animals, that just is inconsistent. http://www.myspace.com/dairy_is_rape
Organic, free roaming, local, they produce enough for their young, stop stealing from innocent slaves. De-domestication and De-civilization are the hope for your future's futures. I meant yours not mine, I'm sterile by surgical vasectomy, I want to spare suffering from those now anyhow, the Buddhists call that basic goodness "bodhicitta". This is the compassionate soil I've rooted in, the subsoil and sub-tectonic fire within. Just as I look through a mirrored window at you now.