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David Avilla and Advocate for Orphans International (AFOI): Operating Illegally!

As of August 2009, David Avilla and his organization, Advocate for Orphans International (AFOI), have continued to be unregistered in California and are therefore operating illegally.
David Avilla, operating under the name "Advocate for Orphans International" in Gilroy, CA, is licensed as neither an adoption agency nor adoption facilitator in California.

This means he is operating illegally.

Avilla also operates under the name "Hands of Hope" and "The Stork" (the latter operated by George Kokhno).

Avilla operates "summer camp" programs, bringing children to the United States. It appears that he tries to "sell" the children to several families, in hopes of collecting several sets of fees.

As an adoption facilitator, there is not much Avilla can actually do anyway. Traditionally, facilitators have been unpaid; the notion of licensing paid facilitators is relatively new, and only a few states permit them to operate.

As an unlicensed, but paid, facilitator, Avilla is nothing but trouble. Several families have already had an adoption collapse because of his unethical practices.

Avoid him! He harms families and orphans!


homepage: homepage: http://stopchildtorturenow.wordpress.com/2009/09/24/another-form-of-child-torture-adoption-fraud/

Avilla Registered Advocate for Orphans International - Under Duress! 23.Oct.2009 05:31

Sk8r Boy

Sometime in October, Avilla managed to get Advocate for Orphans International registered, as has been required in California since 2006.

This still means he'd been operating ILLEGALLY for several years.

It doesn't change the fact that the BROKE THE LAW by displaying photos of children.

It doesn't change the fact that he splurged on guitars, and that "charitable funds" are overseen by him, his wife, and his sister.

It doesn't change the fact he "looked the other way" about criminal checks when he was desperate for host families.

It doesn't change the fact that his conduit for processing charitable donations, Congressional District Programs and Heritage Foundation, is a known scam.

There are a LOT of reputable adoption agencies out there. You don't need David Avilla, Kerry Avilla, Advocate for Orphans International (AFOI), Congressional District Programs, or Heritage Foundation!

More on Avilla and his Illegal Operations 10.Dec.2009 09:28

Angry Parents

We have paid him and some bunch in Ukraine over $35,000 and no end in sight. He never was clear he wasn't an adoption agency. Now he wants us to hire friends of his to finish the process.

The Hosting Program Keeps Slipping 02.Jan.2010 08:02

Angry Parents

David Avilla is a con artist or something. First he said he was doing a hosting program in late 2009, and he took our money. Now the story is he has "data" on children who may be traveling between now (Jan 2, 2010) and March. Not the same.

I can't make sense, he has Advocate for Orphans International, Hands of Hope, Cradle of Hope, Stork, and who knows how many other agencies.

I wanted a refund, he said it had already "booked" as a tax-exempt contribution. Well, he's not on the Internal Revenue List, he has some wild story about getting tax-exempt status through Congressional District Programs, which is a scam and bankrupt to boot.

And the whole thing is two faced. Sometimes it is for adoptions and sometimes it is not. I checked with the California Adoption Office, they said he had only registered there as a facilitator since October 2009 and he should have registered earlier. They had concerns about him such as putting up pictures and having representations about adoptions.

So, where I am, is less money that I can't get back without a fight, no dates for hosting and a great suspicion that if I try to adopt through him it will fall through.