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Ananda Farm Animal Rescue and Sanctuary Celebrates World Farm Animals Day

On World Farm Animals Day, we take a moment to reflect upon the lives of all the countless beings who are suffering and dying for the meat industry and the dairy industry and the egg industry. These animals love their lives as much as you and I love ours. They think and feel and dream, and when we force them to, they suffer. Far too many of them are suffering right now, for the trivial palettes of thoughtless people. But it does not have to be that way. We do not need their flesh or their bones or their blood to survive. Nothing can justify what is done to animals on factory farms and in battery cages. And we can stop their suffering if we will just stop eating them. And so, all over the world, people commemorated today in their own way. Thousands of people served each other vegan meals, handed out literature, performed street theater, held vigils and lectures and demonstrations.
At Ananda, we chose to share this day together, to celebrate the animals who live with us in Sanctuary. In some ways it was a bittersweet celebration, because we know that, even at this very moment, the slaughter houses of the world are filled with living beings crying out for mercy. And we don't know how to save them all. But there is also joy in this day for us because we celebrate the lives that have been saved. We have shared this day with friends we love who are safe now, rescued from the flesh industries and now free to live their own lives. We served vegan pies to pigs who almost went to slaughter over the summer, but were saved and came to sanctuary instead. They happily feasted, wagging their tails and smiling. We handed grain and herbs to roosters who were once abandoned together on a roadside but somehow found their way here (thanks to intrepid friends). We served fresh produce to an ancient, old, thousand pound pig who was rescued as a tiny baby many years ago, after a nutritional deficiency had left his legs paralyzed. And we sat cross-legged in fresh hay, looking into the eyes of these fascinating, intelligent, loving beings, contemplating the enormity of these lives that have been saved. Yes, there is much to celebrate at Ananda.

We served a feast of fresh greens and vegetables, and special celebratory pies. Here's a good pie recipe that pigs *REALLY* like:
Crust: Organic, whole grain bread, sliced and pressed into a pie plate.
Filling: Sliced bananas and apples layered with vegan yogurt and organic pumpkin, topped with a sprinkling of oats.

And here is a good pie to feed to chickens:
Handful of scratch
Handful of organic chicken feed
handful of chopped tomatoes
Mix with vegan yogurt, mold into pie plate, and serve.

After their repast, the pigs began to play. They ran around with the pie tins in their mouths, until we collected them up. They chased each other around the barnyard making random noises, they rooted in the earth, and then they took turns poking curious noses at the goat (who poked her nose right back). Everyone gave the horse a wide berth, though. She commands a certain amount of respect. Rose, who likes to nest more than any of the other pigs, found a paper bag that had been emptied of its grain. She ran around with it clamped tightly in her teeth for awhile, and then carefully folded it into just the right shape, and carried it off to the barn to tuck into her favorite corner. Ruby rolled onto her side and requested a belly rub, while Blake made faces at Phyllis and Hamilton. Matt the rooster snuggled up with Charlie the pig, while the other roosters looked on placidly. So much life here on this farm. So much different than the factory farms these animals might have been lost in....

mmm! pig pie! 03.Oct.2009 19:19


(But don't leave those pie pans too long...!)