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Subversive Alliance - por la Liberación de la Tierra, Animal y Humana (ASLTAH)

Mexico with its multi-faceted conflicts underway, involving several rival drug cartels, the Mexican armed forces and different police agencies. Apparently gun battles, kidnapping, drug smuggling, murders and bombings are on the rise.

Another group has joined in, the Subversive Alliance for the Liberation of the Earth, Animals and Humans /Alianza Subversiva por la Liberación de la Tierra, Animal y Humana (ASLTAH). This group is becoming quite active; according to Stratfor they're responsible for some 200 acts in 2009.
Sinaloa, Juárez, Tijuana Cartel,Gulf Cartel, Los Negros, Los Zetas, La Familia Michoacana, The Beltrán Leyva, etc.

Zapatista Army of National Liberation -- Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional, (EZLN)
Popular Revolutionary Army -- Ejército Popular Revolucionario, (EPR), a Marxist guerrilla group
Revolutionary Army of the Insurgent People -- Ejército Revolucionario del Pueblo Insurgente (ERPI)
Lucio Cabanas Barrientos Revolutionary Movement -- Movimiento Revolucionario Lucio Cabañas Barrientos(MR-LCB)
Democratic Revolutionary Tendency-People's Army -- Democrática Revolucionaria-Ejército del Pueblo(TDR-EP)
May First Insurgent Organization -- Organización Insurgente 1 de Mayo (OI 1M)(OI 1M)
Dec. 2 Execution Brigade -- Brigada de Ajusticiamiento 2 de Diciembre(BA 2D)
Popular Brigades of Liberation -- Brigadas Populares de Liberación(BPL)
Magonista Revolutionary Popular Unity -- Unidad Popular Revolucionaria Magonista(UPRM)



At approximately 2 a.m. on Sept. 25, a small improvised explosive device (IED) consisting of three or four butane canisters was used to attack a Banamex bank branch in the Milpa Alta delegation of Mexico City. The device damaged an ATM and shattered the bank's front windows. It was not an isolated event. The bombing was the seventh recorded IED attack in the Federal District — and the fifth such attack against a local bank branch — since the beginning of September.


... As everyone knows, Banamex is a company that promotes torture, destruction and slavery; the purpose of the attack was to stop these bastards who need to know that we are not playing, that we are not merely vandals. Our enemies know perfectly well why we did it, and their media allies have to cover the truth; well we also have something prepared for them. Stop the construction of the prison in Tláhuac. Fire to the prisons! Prisoners to the streets! Stop the destruction of the nature reserves for line 12 of the metro. Stop the expansion of progress. We have endless reasons why your filthy techno-industrial system provokes our rage and hatred and we say to you now that we will not stop until we see your ashes.

The bank was fucked up, the windows, signs and ATMs were left unusable, the damage exceeded 500,000 Pesos. This town was astonished to see the damages, the police never expected this and even less that we would do it right in front of their faces since a patrol car was only one block from the bank and never suspected the person who passed right in front of them; after a few seconds we fled escaping a second patrol car.

Greetings to the ELF, ALF and eco-arsonists for the liberation of the earth."

(additional ASLTAH communique, rough translation of excerpts --  http://liberaciontotal.entodaspartes.net/archives/6824)

A Compañero has been arrested in Mexico City on charges of sabotage against the State-Capital. In solidarity, these acts occurred after the arrest of a comrade who has been accused of bombings. It's never nice to hear that the powers have kidnapped more compañeros, it is even worse when someone dies in an action at our enemies hands, both are consequences assumed in constant conflict with authority.


... these activists have been far more active in Mexico than they have in the United States. One reason for this is that the operating environment north of the border is markedly different than it is in Mexico. In the United States, the FBI and local and state police agencies have focused hard on these activists, and groups like ELF and ALF have been branded as domestic terrorists. There have been several major investigations into these groups in recent years... South of the border it is a different matter. Mexican authorities are plagued with problems ranging from drug cartels to Marxist terrorist/insurgent groups like the EPR to rampant police and government corruption. Simply put, there is a vacuum of law and order in Mexico... that the activist cells behind the increase in IED attacks will be able to continue their campaigns against assorted capitalist, animal and ecological targets with very little chance of being seriously pursued. Consequently, as the IED campaign continues, the attacks will likely become more frequent and more destructive. And given Mexico's densely populated cities and the activists' target sets, this escalation will ensure that the attacks will eventually turn deadly.

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