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There's a new article writing position filled with thoughts from the feral mind of the articulate, rabble-rousing, non-human animal advocate who here wrote a notice to show you this......senselessness WILL probably never be prohibited by the corporate media, (Reinterpreted;) they system lacks the capital that it takes to admit self-defeat.


Building a readership is part of the incentive program with Examiner.com, and you too can be an Examiner in any of 109 U.S. cities. Can you write an article that they accept, and submit it, referred by me and then I earned $50 (my slave), and you too can begin referring others to this early stage, well-developed info-source.

Consider, Idea is the staple grain of breathetarians. Not to write about religion, maybe I'd state that God is a real enough idea, or is mistaken to be more than such ordinary insignificance, and has been defined in ways I consider agreeably magical, and in so very many more ways disagreeable. The blog has an unwavering policy for omission of religious commentary.

Think of what an expert Alex Jones is at conspiracies of the rich and infamously malicious ruling elite, and also what a wing-nut who is prone to exhibit fascist notions about might or right. See if you don't know what I mean: infowars.com.

The examiner site gives average people a broad voice about any area of interest that they are specialists in. See for yourself, and apply yourself, remember to hook me up with a reference incentive, I'm one of the elusive, black collar night worker types, and narrator for some of life's coming attractions.


For the ground resistance to status sickness and a cleared conscience for enjoyment and penitence with thanks. I seriously hope you tune into this Green Culture Examiner's frequency frequently!


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Yep 06.Oct.2009 12:15


Keeping above and underground activists from integrating is a special component of security culture. May the FBI investigate me, I hope they watch me, "hey here I am", may the surveillance of me prevent the surveillance of the A.L.F. while they take action. Among the <a href=" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thirty-Six_Stratagems" target="_blank">36 strategies</a>, there are many paths, though no travelers upon them.