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Support Local Co-op Coffee shop!
Help keep Muddy Waters (Coffee shop that falls between 30th and 29th on Belmont) alive by attending their Fundraiser on Sunday October 4th 5-10pm. $2-15 donations.

Philosophy: Muddy Waters Communityhouse Non Profit An employee owned organization transcending its former role in the business sector in order to actively serve and build our neighborhood. MW will provide an open space for local artists to thrive in their talents, a free venue allowing musicians an atmosphere for expression and exposure . We are committed to supporting Portland's culinary artisans by choosing organic products that are conducive to empowering and sustaining the immediate economy. We are adamant in creating space for the activism of Portland to materialize by dispensing our profits to local and international charities. Our focus is creating a stronger healthier people by opening an atmosphere of creativity and compassion. We are passionate about the actualization of a contagious better good, and disinterested in the materialist ideal business. MW will be a safe place devoted to giving back to our community, and encouraging the surrounding areas to share in the dream.

homepage: homepage: http://www.muddywatersportland.com/
address: address: 2908 SE Belmont