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Arab Muslim man rescues stranger's child from burning NYC building

What can we learn about countering cynicism, alienation, racism, classism/poverty, police brutality, war, and other forms of terrorism from this inspiring example of the young Arab/Muslim/newcomer who risked his life to save strangers in a burning building in NYC?
Arab man rescues child from burning building in NYC while white Americans do nothing.


Why isn't the media identifying this hero as an Arab and Muslim, and by the accent, a newcomer? Do we still have to let ourselves be manipulated by racist, religious bigotry, to divide and conquer us and destroy democracy, civil rights, human rights as a way to falsely justify killing Iranians to help war profiteers, militarized police, mercenaries, surveillance, prison corporations, and corrupt finance industry make a killing at our expense? Just stop fearing those who look, sound, worship differently, and welcome the fellow newcomers (not Native American) and how our diversity makes us stronger and better, including the much-needed timely wisdom from First Nations Peoples. Can't we now "just say NO! to terrorism" from our government/media/corrupt corporations? Truth and love are what protect us from the escalation of social injustice, poverty, war, and other forms of terrorism. Can't we each enjoy the inspiration and become better by it, being more committed to risk our lives/safety/health to help others, regardless of labels, as he so nobly did? Isn't it all about love? Love for others, love for the ideals of our country: life, equality, liberty, and justice for all. Living with integrity a conscience of kindness. Can't we celebrate and practice some of the looking and loving past artificial labels of race, religion, background, etc. as this young couple did with their marriage proposal?

Let's spread the truth to counter the lies. Share the love and hope to counter the fear and apathy. Tell others with heartwarming cheer to counter the cynicism and despair. Join the celebration to replace the self-destructive cynicism. Feel the love. Smile.