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PLUNDER, the movie. World Premier tonight in Portland - FREE

First Unitarian Church in Portland is hosting the world premier screening of this film at 7pm tonight. Admission is free. This is part of the EcoNvergence conference going on this weekend with keynotes by Noam Chomsky (Friday) and Derrick Jensen (Saturday).
You can watch a trailer for the movie here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jj1kjsZg0g

You can find out more about this weekend's EcoNvergence events here:  http://www.econvergence.org/

Chomsky is now sold out. Tickets are still available for Jensen's talk.

All other events are free and there are a ton of great speakers including David Korten ("When Corporations Rule the World" and "Agenda for a New Economy"), Joanne Bowman, David Barsamian, and many, many more.