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City Hall Passes Single Payer Resolution!

Four members of Portland City Council unanimously vote to pass a resolution favoring Single Payer healthcare, as the debate continues to emerge in Washington, DC.
This is Martha Perez, reporting to you live from the Main Chamber at City Hall in the SW area, where over a dozen people, doctors, healthcare advocates and others, were signed up to furnish public testimony, mostly in support of the healthcare reform package, known as Single Payer. Many amazing speakers, the Oregonian also wrote an article about the hearing, as well as KBOO present, during the hearing itself. Various advocacy and/both union-affiliated organization(s) gathered in a show of unity. The hearing was held in conjunction with a 200+ person rally that afternoon, to put pressure on City leaders to continue to protect the rights of city workers.

Reporting to you from downtown Portland, I'm Martha Perez, General Political Activist/Healthcare Researcher.