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Et tu Brute

We lost the first of five battles for health-care
this is the man who says all is well-----liar
this is the man who says all is well-----liar
Julius Caesar was murdered in the Senate of Rome about 48 BC. One account has him stumbling into the arms of Brutus and the final blow is felt, "Et tu Brute?"

In our senate, Maximus Barrutus gave the final blow to Public Option, a bad substitute for Single Payer. He was not alone, other members, who called themselves democrats, voted to kill the amendments by both Rockefeller and Schumer. OH! The treachery of it all. The bought and paid for senators voted with their corporate sponsors, the "Bloodsucking" insurance companies!
"Et tu Barrutus?"

The dog and pony show was not unexpected; but may have been planned by the White House itself, do I have any proof of this conspiracy, no. I just cannot believe that a smart politician from Chicago did not know how the vote was going to go before the roll call. I believe the bloodsuckers have gotten everything they wanted and may get more; they have controlled the conversation from the start. They played the game with loaded dice, Public Option they get 40,000,000 new customers paid for by the government, no public option, they remain in control of who gets insurance and who dies. The game was rigged when Single Payer was taken out of the discussion and replaced by a public/cooperative/non profit piece of shit!

So, what do we do from here?

We continue to fight for Single Payer, we tell those asses in DC that we will not vote for them and will vote for independents running against them. The congress as an institution is bought and paid for by the corporations, no republican or democrat deserves your vote. Stop voting for your member of the House or the Senate, they are all corrupted. If you vote for a republican or a democrat you are part of the problem. Just say no, f--k no, damn no, hell no---vote for anyone but an R or D.

I will stand in the streets for you, get arrested for you, be called names for you, but you must act now and tell these miserable rotten sons of bitches----ENOUGH

Joe Walsh-Lone Vet
Individuals for Justice
VVAW, Veterans Against Torture

homepage: homepage: http://IndividualsForJustice.net