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Video: Local and National Threats to Our Water Supply

An interview with Julia DeGraw, an organizer with the Water Program at Food and Water Watch. Julia discusses the scarcity and importance of our world wide water supply in general and in particular the attempts by Nestle to control and bottle spring water near Cascade Locks on the Columbia River in Oregon.
The Importance of Our Water Supply
The struggle to prevent Nestle from gaining access to Oregon water is current and ongoing and could use community support. Citizens have banded together and prevented Nestle from acquiring water rights in other areas of the country, recently Maine and McCloud California, just south and east of Mt. Shasta.

Nestle intends to market two choices of bottled drinking water, tap and spring, as well as manufacture the plastic bottles in the area.

This half hour interview takes place on the Portland Public Access program, "A Growing Concern (AGC)."

Beginning in October 2009 this program has been airing live weekly for 11 year. Numerous other AGC programs can be viewed on A Growing Concern on YouTube.com and A Growing Concern on Blip.tv

At these two sites, many other programs of various lengths and topics are available.

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