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Homeless people camp and protest once again at City Hall

BREAKING NEWS: Homeless people camp and protest once again at City Hall
Street Roots & Facebook announcentment on Monday evening 9.28.09
An Organized night time protest is now in effect
Breaking News from Street Roots
Breaking News from Street Roots
Street Roots release breaking news about The Homeless People Camping Outside City Hall in Portland Oregon right Now!
Read The article in full on Street Roots Website ... the link is below

For the second time in less than two years, a group of homeless people are camping outside of City Hall to protest an ordinance they view as criminalizing and stopping them from getting a good night's sleep.

Beginning at 9 o'clock this evening, 20 individuals set up their sleeping bags and other belongings along the southern side of the front entrance of City Hall. Art Rios, who is organizing the protest, says that the people are camping this year for the same reason as they were last year.

"We want the anti-camping ordinance to be suspended," he says. "We want a campsite that's safe." ... more

(end quote)

homepage: homepage: http://tinyurl.com/y9l4ppb

11:00PM 28.Sep.2009 23:09


"We are here tonight to show that this is the only campsite that is safe inside the city of Portland and that we really need places that we are able to go for the night and know that we are going to be safe. By safe, we mean that we'll be able to pitch a tent or sleep in a shelter or live in a tent city without harassment from the police."

The statement goes on to say that individuals experiencing homelessness need more access to services, including emergency shelter year round. The group also asks the city to allow for another tent city within the city limits of Portland.

 link to streetroots.wordpress.com

Mayor Nickels, of Seattle has protesters outside his house 28.Sep.2009 23:39

Ben Waiting

Homeless activists are camping outside of Seattle mayors house on 9.28.09

(from the website) ..... ORIGINAL 8:12 PM REPORT: We're out watching to see if the homelessness-advocacy group SHARE makes good on its threat to have protesters camp outside Mayor Nickels' North Admiral home tonight to protest a denied request for bus-voucher money. So far, here's what we're seeing: Police have had a presence outside the mayor's house for at least an hour, including a watch commander; about a dozen people believed to be part of the protest are gathering at California Place Park a few blocks away ...read more

(thanks to @macjustice for the tip on that via Twitter)

Clean and quite at noon on Tuesday 29.Sep.2009 13:27

Joe Anybody

I went to city hall on my lunch hour and not a homeless/protester looking person was anywhere around the building...

The protest is suppose to be going on in the "evening hours" and from the looks of things at 12:00 noon ... there was no protest going on durring the daytime ...

I seen no signs of any thing like "protest camping leftovers from the night before happening"

An out of towner's opinion 07.Oct.2009 16:36

rev. j.

I have visited portland several times in the last few years. It is heart-
rending to see so many young people on the streets. Isn't there anything that can be done?

VIDEO clips added on 10.1.09 12.Oct.2009 02:11

Joe Anybody

4 videos from 10.10.09 here on this PIMC link


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homeless protest 09
homeless protest 09