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Willamette Week Smears Rose City Antifa, Excuses Local Bigots

It's hard to know where to begin responding to an article as unethical and error-ridden as James Pitkin's recent Willamette Week story, "Anti-Fascist Front." As an organization committed to opposing racism and organized bigotry, Rose City Antifa's biggest concern is Pitkin's use of his position in the press to silence and trivialize the struggle of people of color, sexual minorities, Jewish communities, and others who are frequent targets of oppressive ideologies. Pitkin defends white supremacists and militant Jew-haters in his story. This article is a result of Willamette Week's willful ignorance of the far Right, and its inability to recognize fascists and anti-Semites unless they come dressed in swastika armbands or Klan robes.
Rose City Antifa
Rose City Antifa

This is not the first time that the Willamette Week has stumbled over issues of fascist ideology, which most notably occurred in their defense and promotion of crypto-fascist Michael Jenkins Moynihan, whose ideology and associations were obscured in an August 2000 Willamette Week cover story.

Pitkin contributes to a culture of silence around issues of oppression and racial intimidation in our city, indicating that anti-racists are the bigger problem. To support this idea, he mischaracterizes our organization from the article's start to its finish, going so far as to claim that we refused to grant an interview. What he neglects to mention is that while in dialogue with Willamette Week editor Mark Zusman, we consented to do an interview on the condition that the Willamette Week correct factual errors on their website relating to Rose City Antifa, which they failed to do before our scheduled interview, therefore forcing us to cancel.

We have never had confidence in Pitkin's journalistic skills or professional ethics. It was clear by his earlier authorship of an opinion piece against Rose City Antifa ("Rogue of the Week" article of July 15) that Pitkin had compromised his ability to report news accurately and without bias. Our organization has talked with ethical journalists in the past, and is willing to do so in the future.

Other major distortions in Pitkin's article include, but are not limited to:

  • His statement that: "Polite Portland may seem the last city in the U.S. in need of anti-fascist squads." If one sentence were to sum up Pitkin's ignorance about Portland's long and violent history of white supremacist and anti-Semitic organizing, this would be it.
  • Pitkin's characterization of Tim Calvert and Tim Titrud as innocent victims of a campaign of harassment instead of active players in the anti-Semitic underground, regardless of Calvert's former left-wing credentials. Much documentation regarding this point exists for those able to use the "search" function on Portland Indymedia. Furthermore, the idea that we are the victimizers is absurd. Tim Titrud should not complain when he gets part of a Hitler poster in the mail--this same poster was sold at a Holocaust-denial event that Titrud actively supported and promoted.
  • Pitkin repeatedly casts doubt on the racism and anti-Semitism of organized bigots, stating that they are merely "accused" by Rose City Antifa. In reality, no such doubt exists, especially when figures such as Valdas Anelauskas self-identify as "racialist[s]" and white "separatist[s]." Statements critical of anti-racists are not couched in similar terms within Pitkin's article.
  • Pitkin fails to include crucial information when arguing that Rose City Antifa's research and tactics are "clumsy." Rose City Antifa admits that it did not realize that landlord James Copp had died between the first time he was discovered to be renting to neo-Nazis (Volksfront leader Randal Krager) and the second (two other members of Volksfront). Copp's voice remained on his message service. Our error was promptly corrected, and no hostility was intended towards the bereaved. Missing from Pitkin's narrative is that members of the Copp family had been intimately acquainted with white-supremacist circles in Portland; James Copp's baseball bat was wielded by Ken "Death" Mieske to deliver the fatal blows to Ethiopian immigrant Mulugeta Seraw in 1988, and Copp's daughter Patty Copp (now Patty Pearl) drove the car full of neo-Nazi murderers.

It bears repeating that Rose City Antifa has never exposed a white supremacist or anti-Semite for their beliefs alone. We have only focused our energy on people who have organized to spread their hateful beliefs through propaganda, violence, or organized political efforts.

Not only does Pitkin have trouble reporting facts, his article reveals a skewed and perverted understanding of the "serious questions about the outer limits of free expression and civil protest" that relate to anti-fascist activity. He vents at anti-racists for using their own speech to highlight fascist organizing, and the real atmosphere of intimidation and violence that such organizing presents. In a climate that is inherently violent due to the nature of supremacist movement-building, our group has been incredibly restrained. Some of us choose not to give our full names, but only because we would prefer not to get the death threats we receive on our group voicemail on our personal lines. We are an organization with a public presence, and the consistent accuracy of our information speaks for itself.

We believe those who are concerned with positive social change and human dignity must be able to name fascist ideology for what it is, without apology. Anti-racists are not driving "a wedge into Portland's close-knit protest community." Rather, no community can be "close-knit" when some members deny the humanity of others based on race, creed, gender or sexuality.

Rose City Antifa is part of a broad movement and long tradition of action. Contrary to Pitkin's article, we are by no means isolated. Our group hopes to organize meaningfully alongside all others pushing for fundamental human dignity, something which is never assured without a struggle. For those who disapprove of our tactics, we invite them to out-organize us in a broader common effort. We also welcome constructive criticism of our attempts to build a culture of anti-racism and anti-fascist resistance, but that criticism must spring out of reality. We are disappointed that Willamette Week squandered an opportunity to illuminate an issue of great importance in our world. By failing to accurately report what anti-racism is, and could be, Willamette Week has done everyone a disservice.

To find out more about the vision of the Anti-Racist Action Network, of which we are a part, visit: antiracistaction.org

To read our electronic correspondence with the Willamette Week, see the appendix here.

A response to Pitkin's article from Chip Berlet of Political Research Associates and Stanislav Vysotsky of the Sociology Department at Willamette University may be found here.

Rose City Antifa
fight_them_back [at] riseup [dot]
voicemail: 971-533-7832

homepage: homepage: http://antiracistaction.org
phone: phone: 971-533-7832 (VM)

Hm? 24.Sep.2009 06:33


"Polite Portland may seem the last city in the U.S. in need of anti-fascist squads."

Wow. Can he be living in the same city I do? How can a person be so ignorant of Portland history?

recent article about upsurge in racist attacks 24.Sep.2009 09:16


There was recently an article in either the Portland Observer or the Skanner, I can't remember which, reporting on a surge of racist attacks in Portland. I don't have the article in front of me, and the internet pages for those two local papers aren't updated, so I can't post the specifics here now, but anyone in Portland can look it up for themselves. Interesting that the reporter for the WW did not actually report on this upsurge of specifically white-supremecist group activi in the area and, in fact, gave the impression that the opposite is true. Pretty shoddy reporting that is actually irresponsible and damaging.

Some other responses to the article:
Grace Grant, reportedl a member of LAughing Horse, is quoted as comparing ARA with the early colonialists' treatment of heretics....what a heretical statement! The early colonialists were genocidal murderers, and they also murdered each other if tey spoke out against the ongoing genocide inn their midst...and now ARA is being compared to these murderers for speaking out against the genocidal rhetoric of white-supremecists?...just bewildering...oh, well, I never buy anything from that place anyhow. I think that it's fine if that person who wants to defend nazis wants to not be a part of a community that takes a stand against racist organizing.

Then Tim Calvert compares ARA to the Inquisition, Stalinists, and the Catholic Church....but i guess it's ok to support white-supremecist holocaust-deniars and not compare them to, oh, say, the nazis or something terrible like that? Anyhow, ARA is not killing anybody nor encouraging the mass-murder of people. Sorry Tim if you feel like you personally are under attack for supporting racists, but that doesn't translate to prejudice or discriminatory hatred. You are under attack for your actions in support of racists.

Comparing what ARA does to the gay-bashing of the past, as one commentor did, is just ridiculous. That's like comparing the actions of some fighting of a would-be rapist to the violent acts of an actual rapist. Are people really this thoughtless, or are haters posting nonsense on indymedia to try to detract from ARA's support in the community?

If the "grieving widow" who rents to nazis actually doesn't support nazis, then why doesn't she give them their 30-days notice to move-the-fuck on? If she's giving them a place to live and organize, then she is supporting them, regardless of what she says.

Another funny thing that the WW's "reporter" wrote: he referred to David Irving as a "historian." According to wikiepedia, "Irving's reputation as an historian was widely discredited[3] after he brought an unsuccessful libel case against the American historian Deborah Lipstadt and Penguin Books in 1996. During the trial, an English court found that Irving was an "active Holocaust denier," as well as an antisemite and racist, and that he "associates with right-wing extremists who promote neo-Nazism."[4] The judge also ruled that Irving had "for his own ideological reasons persistently and deliberately misrepresented and manipulated historical evidence."[4][5]

On a visit to Austria, Irving was apprehended, tried and convicted of "glorifying and identifying with the German Nazi Party", which is a crime in Austria under the Verbotsgesetz law. He served a prison sentence from February to December 2006 on the charges."

All it takes is a brief look through David Irving's website to see that he idolizes Hitler and could be accurately described as a nazi-sympathizer. But for some reason, "reporter" James Pitkin doesn't use these terms to describe Irving. Instead, he describes him as a "historian," imprisoned for "denying the Holocaust." True, Irving openly denies that the Holocaust happened, but, as quoted above from the wikipedia article, he was imprisoned for "glorifying and identifying with the German Nazi Party."

As for the mentioning and coverage of the demonstration at nazi-supporting Embassy suites, MR. Putkin seems to be trying to color the event as a failure and condescendingly comments that Rose City Antifa members congratulated themselves on Indymedia anyways." Obviously, Antifa was there first and with more people than the nazis or even the Embassy Suites nazi-supporting staff and could have shut it down by force and violence, but chose a different tactic, which was successful at disrupting this attempt at nazi-organizing. Supporters both in person and on Indymedia is by no means limmited to ARA or Antifa members.

Also, it appears that the WW used video footage from the Indymedia website on their internet site. Is that legal? Sue the bastards!

Anyhow, a shitty article.

I KNOW RIGHT 24.Sep.2009 09:26

Fleeta drumgo

I know right SERIOUSLY polite portland used to be and still would be SEGRAGATED, the fox theater was segragated along with many other places in the 50's and so on also VANPORT whoa look it up, ALSO as stated it would be a still SEGRAGATED town if not for basically total gentrifacation. If you watch old RACIST movies of the 20's 30's and HELL even sixteen candles you will see voiceless happy "darkies" dancin happily in the background to "if yer black get back and if yer white yer all right". AND I myself personally was on my way to the black rose collective for a gig riding down missisippi which used to be PEOPLE OF COLOR now driven out of that area by double d rent and food co op fru fru grocery stores where the poor can't afford four bux for a head of lettuce, and WHAT DID I SEE, fuck it sisters and blothers the whole neighboorhood has been whitewashed it was all white folks dancin in some fru fru street fair "WHITE FAIR" but the fucked thing was that the band playin of course was an all african american funk group playin to an all white audience in a newly gentrified area ICK ICK ICK.
Also the LIBERAL W.W.- nd Malcolm x tells us "liberals are wolves in sheeps clothing" ya know where as a republican capitalist will be like I hate you and your group so I will cointelpro your ass and kill you, the liberal will hug you with a dashiki on and stab you in the back SNAP, OH YEAH BUT ALSO the WW reported that the guy WE stoped from speakin at Laughing horse made no OVERT anti semetic remarks well sure he DID but STEALTH..But whats NOT stealth was his critique of the civil rights movement the womens movement his LOVE of Pat Bucanean and just that LIFE WAS BETTER AND SHOULD GO BACK TO THE 1950'S with segragation, shock treatment for gays and lesbian no free speech and so on WHOA!!!!!

Truth 24.Sep.2009 12:05

and nothing BUT the Truth

You state:

"Other major distortions in Pitkin's article include, but are not limited to:

•His statement that: "Polite Portland may seem the last city in the U.S. in need of anti-fascist squads." If one sentence were to sum up Pitkin's ignorance about Portland's long and violent history of white supremacist and anti-Semitic organizing, this would be it."

But you forgot to add the sentence IMMEDIATELY following his statement in that article which reads:
"But the city has gained a measure of infamy in anti-racist circles as the birthplace of Volksfront, a racist skinhead group founded in 1994 that is still active locally and now boasts chapters in seven countries."

Apparently he is not ignorant of white supremacy and anti-semetic organizing in Portland. I would ask, why would you omit that? I believe the omission is relevant and your choice to omit is an act of journalistic dishonesty.

Fight with truth and nothing BUT the truth.

James Pitkin needs to go back to journalist school 24.Sep.2009 12:14


Try to keep our heads and look at what doesn't add up in that Willy Week piece. I made this comment at WW:

The article reads

" Along with the usual assortment of bills and junk mail was a pink envelope postmarked from Portland with no return address. Titrud opened it and found a greeting card covered with pink flowers. The card read, "Thinking of You."

Also included was a color photo of Hitler, with runic symbols scrawled across his face and around his head. On the back of the photo were Germanic runes that spelled out the words "Destroy Yourself."

Titrud, who is 50 years old and lives with his wife, was not surprised, nor did he call police. The letter included a calling card for Rose City Antifa, a Portland anti-racist group that recently tried to shut down an event Titrud helped organize featuring a speaker who's been accused of anti-Semitism. "

1. Who translated the Germanic runes? And how did they know they were Germanic? There are several rune forms, including Elder and Anglo Saxon.
A friend of mine in the Asatru pagan community says runes spelling "Destroy yourself" would be unreadable to anyone unfamiliar with runes. Compare to runes spelling "sit", which would look like primitive letters. And Dalecarlian runes are the only ones with a clear modern "y".

2: What is a Rose City Antifa "calling card"? Is that a business card? If so, that letter could have come from anyone. Most groups pass out contact materials to anyone.

Its a stretch to think Rose City Antifa, not shy about public demonstrations, is mailing cryptic notes in ancient runes to suspected Nazis. This aspect of Titrud's story should have been questioned more vigorously by James Pitkin. Especially as Titrud wasn't interested in notifying police about the "creepy weird" people who know where he and his family lives.

Antifa has no motive for a silly tactic that might make people feel sorry for the fascists.

Pitkin lives on Mars 24.Sep.2009 12:35

Fredric L. Rice frice@skeptictank.org

Where the hell does this Pitkin character live? Mars? Here in Southern California we know about the unfortunate neo-Nazi and other white supremacist groups and individuals in Oregon, why doesn't Pitkin? Was he asked by some corporate or city politician to deny reality as some kind of misguided tourism propaganda?

Rose Antifa should seek review and written support by the Southern Poverty Law Center which the Antifa could reference when people as clueless or ideologically driven as Pitkin is attempt to lie about the Antifa's community recognition.

Pitkin quote 24.Sep.2009 12:47


To "and nothing BUT the Truth":

No, the fact that Antifa did not include the sentence that followed in Pitkin's article, does not invalidate their point. The sentence quoted is emblematic of the journalist's overall attitude. The fact that Volksfront exist is only given as a minor caveat to a sweeping statement that fascism is not a problem. People can read the article & response themselves to understand context & Antifa's argument.

By mentioning Volksfront, Pitkin draws attention away from several other instances of fascist organizing and racist violence taking part in the city, as well as the earlier atrocities of Portland's "skinhead city" days, which had died down somewhat (partly due to anti-racist organizing) by the time Volksfront was founded in 1994.

See also: protest letter from Chip Berlet & Stanislav Vystosky 24.Sep.2009 14:18

Chip Berlet

The "Anti-Fascist Front" article in Willamette Week was biased and selective in its coverage. Two of the people quoted in the piece state that their views and actions were misrepresented by the author. See link as "web-site address" below.

damn 24.Sep.2009 15:39


The "Anti-Fascist Front" article in Willamette Week was biased and selective in its coverage. Two of the people quoted in the piece state that their views and actions were misrepresented by the author.
To the Editor, Willamette Week:

As co-authors of a scholarly study of neonazism, we both were shocked by the selective and biased presentation of our views in the recent article by James Pitkin, "Anti-Fascist Front." We wish to correct the record.

Chip Berlet: I do not quibble with the quote that appeared. Pitkin is well aware, however, that 90% of the interview I gave him was supportive of the public confrontation by the anti-fascists. Some folks in Portland's otherwise progressive community have a long and reprehensible history of tolerating and even promoting conspiracy theories tinged (or awash) with racism or antisemitism. I explained this to Pitkin in detail, and suggested for interviews several other well-know progressives aware of this dynamic. At least one was interviewed by Pitkin. While I am critical of certain tactical methods used by the anti-fascists, I otherwise wholeheartedly support their public condemnation and exposure of racists and antisemites.

Stanislav Vysotsky: As a sociologist doing ethnographic research, I try to remain a neutral observer when I am conducting field research. For Pitkin to imply I am secretly working with the anti-fascist group is inaccurate; calls into question my integrity as a scholar; and makes my work more difficult. What I told Pitkin was a summary of current social movement theories explaining how movements and counter-movements use tactical and strategic activities in propaganda, mobilization, and recruitment campaigns. Thus what I said can be found in scores of sociological books, chapters, and journal articles. I was speaking as an academic, not as member of the anti-fascist group.

Chip Berlet
Stanislav Vysotsky

Mark Kruger Captain?? 26.Sep.2009 05:39

Alan Graf alan@hippielawyer.com


I lived in Portland once upon a time and sued the city over their treatment of protestors, particularly those who protested against George Bush in August of 2002 and in 2003 at the start of the Iraq war. During the law suit in came to light that Sgt. Mark Kruger, who in part, initiated the police attack against the protestors, had a Nazi past and present. A fellow from a conservative law firm called me one day and told me that he, Kruger and another guy used to ride around town listening to speeches of Hitler and at the same time would yell racist comments to minorities on the street. We revealed this affidavit during a deposition of Kruger and the very next day, while walking down Belmont, a care pulled up to me and someone in the car threatened to blow my brains out. I ran from the car and sought shelter with some construction workers who advised me to call the cops. I did so reluctantly and they never showed up. Three weeks later, after I had reported the incident a number of time and still no police reaction, I went on KBOO to talk about the incident. It was then that Schrunk called my office and asked to interview me personally which is a whole other story.

Nonetheless, the legal team decided to hire a private investigator to look into the allegations about Kruger. His ex-wife told us that his house was covered with Nazi memorabilia and that he insisted that they get married at Hitler's summer home in Germany. After this Kruger's old high school buddy came forward and told us more. Kruger was involved in re-enactments of WWII where he played as a Nazi soldier AND he had taken old Nazi crosses from a cemetery in Germany and started a secret Nazi soldier grave in Portland. We discovered the location of the grave site and sent our investigator up there who found remnants of the site that someone had hastily removed before we got there.

Now I hear that Kruger is one of the captains of the downtown Portland Police Department and there was as one attorney told me yesterday "hardly any protest." And here people are wasting time on fighting someone like Tim Calvert (who I have known for years and as a Holocaust Jew, I can tell you Tim don't have a anti-semitic bone in his body), and at the same time ignoring Kruger.

How is it that Kruger made it all the way to captain without anyone saying anything and you going after Tim? Wass up?

Here's something else that not many people know. In the middle of the law suit, I called the anti-defamation league to tell them about what I had discovered about Kruger and they told me, that many of the richer Jews in Portland were comfortable with the Portland Police and didn't want to rock the boat. So, they were basically not interested.

This made sense, because to this day, I have never understood why Mayor Katz, a German Jew, who escaped from Nazi Germany (just like my father did), would allow Kruger to stay on the force and even PROMOTE HIM!!

So what's up Antifa? Why are you not going after the real Nazi in this town?


Alan Graf

Need RCA in my town! 26.Sep.2009 18:15

small towner

First, I need to say that I have not always thought much of Antifa. Frankly, the anti-Holocaust-denier stuff creeps me out. Here's why. I wasn't around in Nazi Germany during WWII, and neither were any of you. All we know about that is what we have been told. I've had enough things that I've been taught all my life in textbooks and the media turn out to be false, that I think skepticism concerning the official story about ANYTHING is healthy. So any time people try to plug my ears and yell "NYA!" I get concerned. Any time people make a huge issue out of demanding that no one even DARE to question the official line? It makes me think there might be something there to question. I know, that's anathema and someone may want to label me a "holocaust denier" now as well. Which brings me back to why this creeps me out. Truth is strong enough to withstand nonsense. Let it. And trust the rest of us to know it when we see it also.

Please stop telling me no one has the right to even question the official line on WWII history, even the true scope of the holocaust. I'd like to be able to hear what is said on all sides and make up my own mind.

There's a fine line here though. Because I do not mean that we should just turn our backs on hate speech and ignore it. When people are spouting hatred against others based on race, gender, species, ethnicity, or any other physicial factor, that is wrong and we have the right and the obligation to say so. I realize that many of the holocaust deniers are simply using their half-baked theories about the holocause to buttress racist ideologies. But not all of them are. Just like a lot of people labeled anti-semitic actually are, while others are just people who disagree with the policies of Israel. It's obvious to me that someone posting white supremacist literature needs to be dealt with, but it's not at all obvious that someone who questions the official Holocaust story deserves the same treatment.

Now that I've gotten that out there, though, I've got to say that I'm really impressed by some of the work Antifa has done. Outing Julian Lee was really something. The guy has ADMITTED that he was posting the racist hate fliers around town. Thanks to Antifa for making it clear that we will not allow Portland to become the Aryan homeland that some people have always thought they could make of it.

As for that WW article, it was obviously written by a ninny. Who doesn't know about the rampant racism in Portland? Hell, even our COPS walked around with "don't choke em smoke em" shirts, throwing opossums at Black-owned businesses, and shooting unarmed black men to death in broad daylight for no other reason that that they "looked scary." How can that have escaped that doink's notice? Does he not remember Mulagetta Seraw? Does he not remember the violence begotten from people trying to convince white people how superior they are to people of color? Where can that idiot have BEEN all this time? Obviously he doesn't spend much of his time at street level, or even paying much attention to what little gets filtered through the mainstream media. He's an idiot.

And now finally, to my point. I live in a smaller town outside of Portland. There is a small but dangerous neo-Nazi presence here. A handfull of in-bred punks who fly swastikas and confederate flags off the porches of their filthy, run down house in the middle of town, and harass the few people of color who come into town. This is a very white town on the surface, but there is actually a very large population of Latino workers here for most of the year who are nervous about even coming out in public because of shit like this. And I can't even imagine what it must feel like to be one of the THREE African American families who live here. So I'd really like to see Antifa come out here and teach people how to fight back against that kind of racism.

Good job, Antifa! WW still sucks, as always.

go antifa! 27.Sep.2009 10:11


Alan Graf:
-Kruger and the Portland Police are a huge problem, and contribute enormously to racist oppression in Portland, I appreciate your work around exposing his direct ties to Nazi ideologies. That being said, folks in PDX need to understand that RCA is one group, and can't do everything. What I would love to see in my town is many collectives and individuals confronting racial hatred where it springs up, and there are definitely folks doing wonderful work around limiting the harm the racist police can do (mad props to Rose City Copwatch). Schooling is another example of a place where racist stereotypes and vastly different opportunities and resources magnify white privilege.

I am glad RCA is choosing to address only active racists and anti-Semites who are organizing to SPREAD this violent, dehumanizing ideology, and that they are picking organizers based realistically on their ability to effect change in our communities. This Tim Calvert debacle on the part of City Bikes is telling, if Portland leftists can't recognize an entrenched activist's gradual but indisputable move toward anti-Semitic and conservative organizing (hosting and promoting Anelauskas, Constitution Party crazies, and, whether you have heard it personally or not, there are folks who are close to him who have heard him essentially calling Jews liars about their Holocaust experiences to further a Jewish control conspiracy) then RCA probably does not have the power and community support to take down a neo-Nazi police commander armed with guns and the law and not just a hex wrench and some activist resume.

-People, we need to stop confusing issues around Israel and Palestine with white-supremacy and anti-Semitism. If you look at the ARA Network's points of unity--to which RCA belongs--you'll see they want a "classless free society." This is goal is anathema to the Israeli state, I think it is safe to say that no RCA-er supports the Israeli state. Period. The fact that posters repeatedly are bringing up this conflict shows their inability to grasp the difference between Jewish communities as a whole across the world, and a specific state's murderous expansion. To suggest that RCA should change their focus from confronting local fascist organizing to demonstrating symbolically against Israel is inane.

-I am pretty sure RCA is not the "thought police" or some silly variation thereof. I don't want to make any assumptions about individual posters, but if you haven't already, take a look at the specific movements Holocaust denying/minimizing characters like Valdas Anelauskas and David Irving are trying to build and what their specific arguments are, and what the implications are. You'll find that key to their arguments is dehumanizing Jewish people, arguing that the Shoah is a self serving story to gain power and control over people who are not Jewish. It seems that some people don't understand what tactics are appropriate when confronted with this hatred masked beneath a psuedo-scholarly veneer. We can't debate every bad thing into non-existence, this suggestion reveals a deep misunderstanding of the nature of neo-fascist organizing. Taking a passive role and letting people "decide for themselves" means we fail to stand by our community members who will and are being targeted by this type of organizing, and I, for one, will not abandon them. There is nothing creepy about calling an anti-Semite for who s/he is, and trying to shut down their organizing in order to stem a rapidly radicalizing fascist right wing.

Anyway... this is an opportunity to show some solidarity. I hope these criticisms lead to action, and all of us here in town concerned with fundamental issues of human rights and respect step up to support each others organizing, and start attacking fascism and white supremacy from every nuanced angle brought up here, regardless of what RCA is prioritizing right now.

May not have the full story 27.Sep.2009 19:23


Alan Graf,

I respect the work you have done, but your allegation regarding Tim Calvert is likely based on your not having the full story. Calvert's slide into Holocaust-denial and his organizing alongside blatant anti-Semites, became noticible AFTER you left Portland. Nobody has ever argued that Calvert always had the positions he has now. Have you read up on this topic and watched the Anelauskas speech with Calvert's introduction? Do you believe that those who have had experiences of Calvert rambling about the Holocaust being a hoax, etc., are all lying?

I also would like to second everything expressed by "rad" above. When your good work around exposing Kruger was taking place, Antifa did not exist as an organization. Bringing Kruger into the conversation is somewhat of a red herring.

clarification 29.Sep.2009 11:03

Rose City Antifa fight_them_back [at] riseup [dot] net

A couple of people have brought up that the way we used a quote in our first bullet point, could be read as misleading. We believe that the quote as we provided it, correctly characterizes the tone of 90% of Pitkin's article, which generally obscures racism, anti-Semitism and fascist organizing. However, Pitkin did provide a caveat in the sentence that followed what we quoted: "But the city has gained a measure of infamy in anti-racist circles as the birthplace of Volksfront, a racist skinhead group founded in 1994 that is still active locally and now boasts chapters in seven countries."

We had presumed that most of those reading our statement had already read the WW article, and knew the context for the quote already. Portland's history with organized white supremacy is significantly longer and bloodier than with Volksfront alone.

971-533-7832 (VM)

it is freedom of speech 03.Oct.2009 22:09

brian mcmanus

smalltown wrote the following -

"I realize that many of the holocaust deniers are simply using their half-baked theories about the holocause to buttress racist ideologies. But NOT ALL OF THEM ARE. Just like a lot of people labeled anti-semitic actually are, while OTHERS ARE JUST PEOPLE WHO DISAGREE WITH THE POLICIES OF ISRAEL. It's obvious to me that someone posting white supremacist literature needs to be dealt with, but it's NOT AT ALL OBVIOUS THAT SOMEONE WHO QUESTIONS THE OFFICIAL HOLOCAUST STORY DESERVES THE SAME TREATMENT."

i have put large letters into portions of smalltowns writing of which i am in agreement.

people in the 911 truth movement throughout the world are not in agreement as per all the details of the events of that day.
some believe israel was involved, while others disagree. when people started considering that israel was one of the suspects, the issue of the validity of two items in regard to the jewish holocaust were put on the table.
one is the number of jews who died in concentration camps, and the second is how jews died.

i can only offer the following which are sources of information which are new to me as of this year 2009.
you can do your own studying, and come to your own questions and/or conclusions. i am not interested in agreeing or arguing with anyone on this information. i am interested in people doing their own studying without impinging upon others right to do their own studying, or assuming that people are anti-this or anti-that just because they have questions.

if video does not start playing -
1 - click on the pause button
2 - click and hold on the circle at the left end of the timeline
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