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The 350 Climate Crisis Walk Has Begun

This 35-day walk from Coos Bay to Portland via Astoria aims to alert coastal communities to the direct threat posed by global warming-induced flooding so that they can become active in efforts to head off catastrophic climate change.
Walkers departed on Sunday morning Sept. 20 from the Sunset Bay State Park campground at 9 a.m.

The group will walk a total of 350 miles, meeting with local residents along the route to discuss the problem and possible solutions. The journey will culminate in Portland on October 24.

Your help is needed now.
On the OPW website you will find:
the walk's tentative itinerary,

a list of 13 currently scheduled community meetings,

a copy of an op-ed article published on-line by the Oregonian on Sept. 9,

and the original press release, issued Sept. 4.

The walkers want to speak to as many coastal Oregonians about the threat posed by global warming as possible. Therefore:
1. Make plans to attend one of the community meetings currently scheduled. Bring your neighbors and friends.
2. If there is no community meeting scheduled in your community, please consider scheduling one. Contact walk organizer Phil Carver, 503-562-9878, or walk co-coordinator Carol Reece, 503-559-3818.
3. Arrange a welcome for the walkers when they come to your community.
4. Join the walk for a mile or a day.
5. Write an op ed article or a letter to the editor about the climate change threat to appear in your local newspaper. Mention that the 350 Climate Crisis Walk is one of over a thousand events worldwide that are scheduled by 350.org to culminate on Oct. 24.
6. If you do not live on the coast, please contact your friends and family who do and let them know about the walk and how they can help.

Voicing Climate Concerns
Community representatives and residents of Oregon are invited to participate at their own convenience in a unique online activity called Voicing Climate Concerns. They particularly want to give coastal residents and community representatives an opportunity to participate in this new citizen involvement effort dealing with climate change on the Oregon coast. Please notify someone you know who might be interested in the opportunity by forwarding news of this announcement.

About Voicing Climate Concerns: Voicing Climate Concerns (www.climateconcerns.org) is an Internet-based tool designed to help people understand each other's concerns about the impacts of climate change on the Oregon coast. In a series of steps starting September 21, 2009, taking a total of roughly five hours across five weeks, project participants synthesize climate concerns in an online facilitated process that will lead to the collaborative selection of a set of indicators. Voicing Climate Concerns is being conducted as a partnership between researchers at Oregon State University and the University of Washington, in cooperation with the Oregon Coastal Management Program's Oregon Coastal Atlas. The research project is funded by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

To Register Online: To register, a person signs in with a user name and password of choice at: www.climateconcerns.org .

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must use the current version of Firefox to access the experiment. You can easily download the latest version of Firefox here. Do not use Internet Explorer or another browser. More information is available online. For more information nyerges@u.washington.edu

Oregon PeaceWorks has been educating and activating people to work for peace, justice and environmental sustainability since 1987.
104 Commercial St. NE
Salem, OR 97301
503-585-2767, info@oregonpeaceworks.org

homepage: homepage: http://www.climateconcerns.org