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No resaon ..just because .."K9 patrols on MAX"

FYI bad guys may be out there - ramping up terror watch - so bring out the dogs and machine guns. News update for Wednesday in the city of roses
K9 on MAX
K9 on MAX
No specific threats were made in Portland but transit officials planned to step up patrols by teams of police and K-9 units on random MAX light rail lines and bus routes.

yep ...just because ..well... others are doing it! For example, extra officers with helmets, bulletproof vests and dogs were patrolling spots like Grand Central Terminal in midtown Manhattan.

The freak out is because during an investigation centering on Najibullah Zazi, a 24-year-old Denver airport shuttle driver who authorities say received al-Qaida explosives training in Pakistan and was found entering New York City two weeks ago with bomb-making instructions on his computer.

Zazi's arrest in Colorado last week touched off the most intense flurry of government terror warnings and advisories to come to light since President Barack Obama took office. In outer words FREAK OUT... AND SUSPEND YOUR RIGHTS... FEAR WILL MAKE YOU SAFER. K9 Patrols on MAX will get the bad guys!

Though Zazi is charged only with lying to the government, law enforcement officials said he may (Read "May" "Could" "Might" "Guessing" ) have been plotting with others to detonate backpack bombs on New York trains in a scheme similar to the attacks on the London subway and Madrid's rail system. Backpacks and cell phones were seized in raids on apartments Zazi visited in New York.

Meanwhile across the US ...local city police call out the dogs .... man the machine guns... Portlanders be afraid and trust know one... well except the cop with the rifle and dog that is walking up to you on your MAX ride is after all "your friend" he is there to "get the bad guy"

More info can be found searching the net for the title:
"Stadiums, hotels, transit on alert amid terror probe"

New K-9's Introduced to the City Council YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK?? 26.Sep.2009 09:27


At a recent (Sept) City Council meeting at the start of the meeting the City Police dept. introduced two new recruits, K-9 drug dogs purchased from somewhere in Germany...that is right...American bred dogs are not good enough for our citizens....SPEND THE EXTRA TAX DOLLARS TO GET IT RIGHT...lazy American people must mean lazy American dogs....all for the protection of the people in Portland....probably the new recruits for the MAX and light-rail that was mentioned here I didn't know about....

Your tax dollars...protecting Who????