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Colonial False Flag Pandemic

Resistance is fertile. We will not be inoculated.
Colonial False Flag Pandemic

Many of the Indigenous People in the remote west coast village of Ahousaht were
inoculated with the toxic tamiflu vaccine. Today, over one hundred of them are sick.
In the same week, body bags were sent to remote Indigenous reserves in northern
"Manitoba" that also received the toxic vaccine. The toxic flu vaccines are making people sick. Being deliberately aimed at Indigenous People across Occupied Turtle Island.

The colonial method of murdering Indigenous Peoples with viruses and vaccines is
nothing new. It is one way the Europeans stole Turtle Island, and it is still one way they
keep it. In 1862, christian missionaries John Sheepshanks and Robert Brown inoculated
Salish Peoples in the interior of "B.C." with a live smallpox virus that killed many villages
within one month. Opening the way for a flood of colonial settlers. Approved by the
colonial government and christian churches.

In 1909 the christian churches deliberately exposed Indigenous children to smallpox and
tuberculosis in residential schools across Occupied Turtle Island, and let them die
untreated, thousands of children. Globe and Mail, April 24, 2007. In the 1930's christians
sent smallpox infected children back to their villages along the Fraser River near Mission,
B.C. The queen's cowboys protected the missionaries, after their actions wiped out entire

In 1969, Indigenous children escaped from the Nanaimo Indian Hospital. The children told
of being inoculated with shots that killed many of the children, with bloated bodies and
scabs all over.

With this colonial history, it is no surprise that Indigenous People on reserves across
Occupied Turtle Island start getting sick and dying from the toxic flu vaccines. It is still
colonial law, under the apartheid Indian Act, that no on-reserve Indigenous People can
refuse medical treatments or experimentations. This is why reserves are the first to be
targeted with unsafe and lethal vaccines.

Because the Indigenous Peoples are involuntary guinea pigs, this is also a clear indication
of what will happen to the colonial squatters soon. The same techniques and weapons the
colonials used against the Indigenous Peoples will now be used against them.

Under Bill C-6, which is about to become colonial law, no colonial citizen will be allowed
to refuse vaccinations for the H1N1 flu virus. Force will be used if necessary. This is a
very mild strain of flu and only those with weakened or no immune systems have died.
It is no surprise that dictatorial laws and force will be used to deal with a false flag

Coming soon to a colonial city or town near you -- forced flu vaccinations or being locked up in prison for refusing will soon be a reality across Occupied Turtle Island. The real
pandemic will be the illness and deaths caused by the toxic flu vaccines being hyped up by governments, churches, and pharmaceutical comapnies such as GlaxoSmithKlein
and Novartis. The toxic flu vaccines will be the cause of the pandemic, not the cure.

Of course, the ruling elite will not take the H1N1 flu vaccination to disprove its toxicity,
nor will the companies give up the billions of paymoney profits they will rake in from the
mass suffering and deaths of people. It is fitting that the colonials will now suffer the same
fate the Indigenous Peoples have suffered for 517 years. Martial law is coming and it is
time for the colonials to come out of the shadow world, to stand up and fight the system
that is responsible for ongoing genocide.