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Portland Police now required to hand out their business cards

1. The Portland police will now hand out business cards when they have a citizen stopped

2. Police also are fined 55,000 dollars for assaulting a camera man in 2006
Police have to hand out a business card when they stop you as of Monday 9.28.09
There are a few exceptions, mostly relating to "if a person was asking for a card to distract the officer from a crime or important matter at hand"

Sgt. Scott Westerman, president of the Portland Police Association that represents rank-and-file officers, sergeants, detectives and criminalists, said the union backs the policy. but he also has the following quote:
"I still don't necessarily see how business cards are going to fix racial profiling" he said, "but we believe we are in a service industry so we have no problems handing them out when it's appropriate to do so."

In my mind the fact that by handing a card to the citizen, it will create the atmosphere where the officer is forthcoming and is willing to identify himself. It will "help keep" the lines of mutual respect open, which in the long term can only help with the racial profiling, accountability and transparency of inter-actions with police and the community, and thus can only help to alleviate the potential racial profiling possibilities

For more information ...the local corporate newspaper has an article titled:
"Starting Monday, a business card will come with that traffic stop"

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As an additional note I also read in the same corporate newspaper today, where court hearing has fined the Portland police, for shooting a man in Oct 2006, with beanbags, and then tasered him and then they took him to jail, all after he (sic) videotaped Portland police officers searching for a jaywalker.

Frank Waterhouse (the victim) has been awarded $55,000 in a federal suit against the city
The title of the article was: "Jury orders Portland to pay man who was shot with a taser"

Rent A cops too? 21.Sep.2009 20:14

my 2 cents

The rent a cops are often as bad or worse than the cops. WackemHut should force all their staff ( including rent a cops downtown ) to hand out business cards ASAP. Wak 'em hut also has city contracts to patrol the Portland Parks.

excuse me officer 23.Sep.2009 19:27

can't read your card, i'm bleeding into my eye


Another new policy the cops can violate with impunity, and then the liberals can be all surprised and indignant.

"HOW can this HAPPEN in AMERICA?!"

Doesn't really sound like they're in compliance though 24.Sep.2009 07:33

does it

See  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2009/09/394344.shtml.

Sounds like they're flaunting this as surely as anything.

Can't wait till I'm picked for a jury on some case that involves the shooting of an officer. No offense. I totally don't believe in violence, and I would not hurt anyone. But I'm sick and tired of the police acting like lawless bullies in this city. If someone takes one out and tells me they did it because they "feared for their life"? I'm taking their word for it.

People can only take so much. And then it's time they defend themselves.

a bit of good news 28.Sep.2009 13:05


I'll take this as good news. It may not be much but it's at least a drop in the bucket for accountability