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Plants sell big at the Expo Center

Observations from the September 19th plant sale at the Expo Center. It was hosted by the Hardy Plant Society of Oregon. The next sale will be in April 2010.
On a surprisingly rainy Saturday morning, many people took a trip
to the Expo Center in North Portland. Intrigued by the non-profit hosting the plant sale, the Hardy Plant Society of Oregon, Hall C of the Expo Center was crowded with vendors trying to make a sale and people attempting to make their way around. The people who were not vendors were looking for the perfect plant for their home or garden.

Walking around, this writer became disoriented by the various size of the plants. They ranged from tiny, drought-tolerant, cacti to big trees one could plant in one's backyard. Some plants obscured the faces of vendors. You had to wave your hands to get their attention. One vendor, however, attention-getting was not needed. This particular vendor smelled of mustard, which incidentally, the vendor was eating a hoagie sandwich. {Yum Yum.}

All in all, the fall plant sale was an enjoyable experience.
I myself ended up purchasing two small cacti.

The next plant sale will be in April 2010 at the Expo Center.