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Electronic Harassment in Louisville, KY

I am a victim of stalking and electronic harassment in KY. I have been gathering evidence as I go along but cannot believe how much this is actually tolerated, and how many victims there really are worldwide. There isn't any reason for these attacks on my life- I am a 40-year old engaged hard-working American woman, working on plans for my future. My mother is of Pennsylvania Deutsch descent; my father is a Vietnam Veteran. I have managed to make a good living for myself, but with these attacks becoming more and more frequent (especially since I had made a decision to work more alone rather than in a group environment a little over 2 years ago), I am extremely careful and proceed with caution with everything in my life as a result of this targeting. Dealing with my own posttraumatic stress issues from a previous issue - this is extremely painful for me to accept as reality. The worst thing that you can do is to open yourself up to getting yourself in harms way on purpose. My guess is that it could become something that you may not ever be able to get out of.
Terroristic Stalking is Treason

It sort of traumatizes me to know that this is actually tolerated in the US, much less that individuals involved do not even see the evil in what they are actually doing.

Ironically, it is very hard to find help when targeted or gang-stalked. Without evidence it is so easy to be dismissed as being a "trouble-maker" or "schizophrenic" and discredited. Examples of behavior includes gaslighting, intentionally trying to provoke hostility in public by random persons, smear campaigns, blacklisting, business sabotage, relationship sabotage, and harassment in public & while driving to intentionally cause an accident. Becoming aware, cautious, reaching out to other victims and sharing information, and gathering evidence every single day is a necessary lifestyle change to stay alive. It is to my amazement that the network involved actually feels entitled even justified in victimizing people in this way for apparently no reason whatsoever except for the fact that "they can". In my opinion it is getting away with murder, and its tolerated.

I will have to involve an attorney for various reasons because it may, unfortunately, become necessary to have to leave the country (quite possibly my entire family as well) in order to remain safe, or even alive much less to continue with any type of permanent life plans if this activity is tolerated in the US. One website that clearly outlines the dangers of this type of harassment is:  http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/archive.cgi?read=117583.

It helps to have medical tests and scans to submit with all of the other stalking and targeting evidence that can be compiled (emails, photos, videos and audio recordings).

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