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On Oct. 2 and 3, 2009, anti-imperialist, anti-war activist Noam Chomsky is speaking in person at the Econvergence Conference at the downtown Unitarian Church, along with 90 workshops, and additional speakers Derek Jensen, Diane Rosenbaum, Ashlee Albies, Craig Rosebraugh, Barbara Garson, among others. An antiwar protest at Pioneer Square (Afghanistan) is set before Chomsky's talk Friday night.
Noam Chomsky, longtime anti-empire and anti-war activist, writer and teacher, is speaking at the Econvergence Conference to be held in Portland Oct. 2-3 at the downtown Unitarian Church. Ticket prices for Chomsky's talk start at $20. Volunteers are also needed to help with the conference, and volunteering may go toward defraying ticket cost.

The conference itself is free. The conference is endorsed by 50 groups, including PSU Progressive Student Union and Laughing Horse Books, among many others.

Additional speakers include: Ashlee Albies, Diane Rosenbaum, Barbara Garson, Derek Jensen (ticketed event on Saturday night at the church), and Craig Rosebraugh, among many others.

There are 90 workshops set over three days (some workshops will be held Sunday, Oct. 4, at PSU Smith Center that day only). There are additional offsite events connected to the conference, including a Thursday night (Oct. 1) movie premier of "Plunder" at the downtown Unitarian Church. A number of the events for the conference are hands-on, arts-focused interactive events.

The themes of the conference are the crises with the economy and the environment.

PSU Progressive Student Union is presenting several workshops Friday and Saturday for the conference:


--9:15 am -- Tenant Rights Project building active tenant unions and direct action/safety net coalitions

--11:00 am -- Coke-Odwalla Boycott Colombia/Darfur/Guatemala/India/national Bottle Bill/globalization

--3:15 pm -- Campus Repression/Resistance PSU & First Amendment, Evergreen admin repression, other NW colleges


--9:15 am -- Campus Antiwar Organizing recruiters off campus, targeting war profiteers, cross-school coalitions

--1:30 pm -- Transit Riders Union social power and expanding inexpensive bus service & antiwar-oil/global warming;
poor people's rights v. fascist yuppie transit bureaucrats
(in PDX: Portland Business Alliance, Wells Fargo,
The Oregonian, Cascade Policy Institute)


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