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Thousands of Fish Dead on Oregon Coast

You are hearing it first here on Portland Indymedia because the corporate media has yet to report that thousands of fish have washed up on the shore in Seaside OR today. The cause is unknown at the moment. Hopefully we will find out more soon.....
My relatives who are spending the weekend at Seaside OR called today to tell me that tens of thousands of fish have washed up on shore. The seagulls have eaten so many fish that they are just sitting on the shore surrounded by thousands of dead fish without eating anymore. If anyone has any info about what happened, please post here. I do know there was a storm last night at Seaside, but I don't know if that has anything to do with it.

Dead Fish 20.Sep.2009 07:43

hungry seal www.californiaskywatch.com

This can be due to the fact that the US Navy is conducting war games and using all the chemical weapons of war in our air and in our oceans on the west coast.
The Navy is asking for permission to kill 32 million mammals as well so if the dead fish are disturbing just wait until all the dead mammals(seal, whales, dolphins) start washing up dead--How will that be for the tourist industry--If you like your whales and oceans depleted uranium free please call and write your representatives and let them know how you feel about this destruction of habitat--The navy say's" ALL Marine Life are Expendable," so that must include-- us land mammals as well because no matter what PR jargon the Navy spews --we will die with out our oceans...Please check out

Probably a fisherman 20.Sep.2009 08:26


Most likely, a hole in a net. The trawlers are scooping the very last fish from the oceans, by the millions. Every now and then, the scope and extent of their crimes can be glimpsed, when a single tear in a single net can cause this much carnage. (A few months ago, a single anchovy net tore, and hundreds of thousands of dead anchovies washed ashore in California, littering the coasts for many miles. It took weeks to trace to one single net. This, while baby sea lions and cormorants starved to death by the hundreds because they could not get enough fish. Wonder why.)

Who do we report this to? 20.Sep.2009 12:32


Who do we report all the dead fish to so there can be an investigation?

What kind of fish? 20.Sep.2009 18:39


Just curious what died, so we could possibly figure out why...

Fish Species? 20.Sep.2009 23:03


They were not sure what kind of fish it was. I don't think it was salmon because they would have recognized them. I do know it was only one kind of fish.

Red tide on coast 23.Sep.2009 07:23


There was a red tide over parts of the coast, and they have even shut down shellfish harvesting (which I suspect you might support anyway) because of that

Entire Oregon Coast closed to recreational mussel and clam harvest
Razor clam opening delayed because of toxins
The Oregon Department of Agriculture has announced the closure of the entire Oregon Coast to recreational mussel and clam harvesting, from the mouth of the Columbia River to the California border, because of the elevated levels of paralytic shellfish poisoning or PSP toxins.

Most of the north and central coast had already been closed to mussel harvesting. Razor clam harvesting has been closed by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife since July 15 as part of its annual summer conservation closure. The conservation closure ends Oct. 1. However, clamming will remain prohibited until PSP levels fall within the safe range.

Coastal scallops are not affected by this closure when only the adductor muscle is eaten. The consumption of whole recreationally harvested scallops is not recommended. Crab are not affected by this level of toxin and are safe to eat.

Shellfish contaminated with PSP toxins can cause minor to severe illness or even death. The symptoms usually begin with tingling of the mouth and tongue. Severe poisoning can result in dizziness, numbness and tingling in the arms and legs, paralysis of the arms and legs, and paralysis of the muscles used for breathing. Shellfish toxins are produced by algae and usually originate in the ocean.

ODA will continue to test for shellfish toxins weekly, as tides permit. Reopening of an area requires two consecutive tests in the safe range.

For more information, call ODA's shellfish safety information hotline at (800) 448-2474, the Food Safety Division at (503) 986-4720 or visit the ODA shellfish closures Web page at ( http://oregon. gov/ODA/FSD/shellfish_status.shtml)

lcqxhtqMJluqrr 02.Oct.2009 20:53

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