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NW Veg Fest today!

See speakers, eat yummy veg food, hear music and enjoy a fun packed day at the Oregon Convention Center.
Come one, come all to the NW Veg Fest today, Saturday, September 19 at the Oregon Convention Center from 10am to 8pm. Hear a keynote speech by Dr. John McDougall, a leading nutritionist, enjoy great music and sample delicious veggie delights. Go to the website and print out a coupon to save a dollar on the entrance fee.

It's Awesome! 19.Sep.2009 17:37


I just got home from veg fest, and it's AWESOME! There's still some time, if you haven't been there yet. I saw hundreds and hundreds of people, all kinds of speakers, classes, and musicians. There are free samples of every great vegan dish on earth! I learned about some new vegan ice creams that I am definitely hooked on now. Also, a vegan food court you won't believe. Lots of good friends from all over - Food Fight!, Out to Pasture farm sanctuary, Lighthouse farm sanctuary, NW IDA, Best Friends, Blossoming Lotus, and etc etc etc.

You can take the max right to the convention center transit center. (Green line from downtown.)

Temptation 19.Sep.2009 23:55


hemp ice cream is fantastically delicious. Grass is green, decriminalize!