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Ananda Farm Animal Rescue and Sanctuary Needs Your Junk!

Well, we finally have a name. Ananda means bliss, joy, or ecstasy in both Sanskrit and Pali. This is what we experience as we get to know the animals who live at the sanctuary, and it is what we have felt as we have reflected upon the outpouring of support and compassion from the community this summer that has made it possible to rescue, rehabilitate, and provide sanctuary for all these beautiful animals.

And now, we need to fix fences and buy feed and pay vet bills. So we're having a garage sale...
Farmed animals are some of the most abused, exploited, and oppressed beings on earth. They are also beautiful, intelligent, compassionate beings who deserve much more than a ride to the slaughter house. They deserve the chance to be who they are born to be. Ananda provides sanctuary to pigs, chickens, goats, horses, cows, and other animals who would otherwise have been robbed of their lives by the meat industry, or by indifference. Ananda also shelters feral cats.

It takes a lot of resources to provide good food, shelter, and veterinary care to these animals. So, in order to make it possible to provide sanctuary to these and even more animals, we are holding a garage sale (stay tuned for details on the date). But we need your donated garage sale items! Please help feed the animals! If you have good, useable items laying around needing a new home, here's a good time to get them cleared out, and at the same time, help to provide feed, shelter and sanctuary for farmed animals. You can drop off donations at the IDA House, located on the corner of NE 18th and Alberta streets. The address is 1732 NE Alberta St. Portland.

(Please, no large household appliances. Storage space is a little limited.)

For more information, or to make special arrangements for larger items, write to us at  anandaFAR@gmail.com.

We would also like to thank all the people who have made it possible for us to save Ruby and Rose and Eric and Matt and Clementine and all the others who have come into Sanctuary this summer.

Thanks to Eric from NW IDA for coming through at the 11th hour. Good idea!!!

Thanks to NW IDA for always being there when it counts.

Thanks to Matt and Leslie and Felix Rossell - you know what you did, and THANKS!

Thanks to the whole Alberta neighborhood that put up with us for those three days and never turned us in for keeping pigs downtown.

Thanks to all the fabulous people at Food Fight! for raising so much money for us, without even being asked! That helped to feed more than 70 pigs, to pay for medicine for the old timers, and to finally get the farrier out to work on Kiana's feet!

Thanks to the great people at Food Front for the daily donations of healthy, organic produce. The pigs and the goat and the geese LOVE it!

Thanks to Kit from Out to Pasture Farm Sanctuary for all the help and advice. You rock!!! No, seriously. You ROCK!

Thanks to Wayne from Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary for the advice on spaying, and for being willing to come and hold pigs even though he was really busy with all those other pigs!

Thanks to all the people from all the pig sanctuaries all over the country who answered so many frantic questions!

And thanks to everyone else who helped to save these animals.

Solidarity 18.Sep.2009 20:34


"It takes a village to save some pigs."


you rock too! 18.Sep.2009 22:00


and you ROCK too!

Date! 13.Oct.2009 19:00

Ananda Farm Sanctuary

The garage sale will be held on Last Thursday (October 29th) on Alberta Street, at the IDA house! (NE 18th and Alberta.)