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VIDEO: Coup inciting revolution in Honduras? 9.18.09

Coup inciting revolution in Honduras?
Oscar Estrada: Oligarchy's attempt to save their neo-liberal project may initiate fall of entire regime

The 10 minute video link with english subtitles is here:
Honduras Coup 2009
Honduras Coup 2009
On Independence Day in Honduras, the National Coalition Against the Coup declared that they are seeking a path toward "real independence, both economic and social." They believe that the best way to achieve this is through a national assembly to rewrite their constitution. This runs contrary to most media reports which depict the crisis as a battle over the Presidency. On the contrary, Honduran Filmmaker Óscar Estrada tells the Real News that after years of elections and no gains, the people of Honduras are out to fundamentally change the state.

Produced by: Jesse Freeston

Filmmaker Bio
Óscar Estrada is a filmmaker and radio producer from the Honduran capital of Tegucigalpa. He works with the Honduran organization Arte Acción, and has written several screenplays for narrative films and documentaries. Oscar splits his time between Honduras and the U.S., where he is an associate producer for May I Speak Freely Media, a project that produces media on human rights issues in Honduras.

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