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Lost My Job & Housing from a Church

The church where I have been living in for 3 years & receiving a small
salary in exchange for duties such as running the sound system for church services, building maintenance and cleaning duties gave me a 2 week
notice and has asked me to vacate the building. I am 60 years old, have
nowhere to go, and I need some help and advice.
One of my duties was to oversee people sent to us from Community Court to do community service,
which usually is no problem, but when someone was sent to us about 11 months ago to do 400 hrs.
of community service had been giving me problems which I felt I could no longer tolerate, I was
told that I could do nothing about it.

From the first day of him starting his service, he brought his girlfriend with him, which at
other places, would not be allowed. We did not realize at the time that this would be a problem,
but were soon proved wrong. They would start fighting and yelling at each other which usually
would end in them leaving for the rest of the day or week, which caused scheduling problems for
things that needed to be done. When he asked us if he could stay some nights to get away from
her so he could get some rest, we said he could. On more than one ocassion, I had to call the
police to excort her off the property because of her screaming and cursing me to open the door
so she could talk to him. She would always be go when the police arrived. Other times she
would set of the building alarm system by trying to break in to see him.

After 10 months of this activity and being told by the pastor that I would have to be
more patient with him, I could take no more. After one perticularly trying night, I called
the pastor and said that I could no longer take one more day of it, could we please send him
back to court as unmanageable, I was told that would be a problem, at which I said "I quit",
hoping that it would signal that things were more problematic than he thought, and would start
some dialog as to what we might do to aleviate the high stress and craziness that I was being
asked to endure unecessarily.

I asked for and got a meeting with the church board, was given a half hour to tell my story,
thinking that they would understand the problem and aleviate it for me, but when I finished,
they had nothing to say except one of them said "I make a motion that we accept his resignation.
does anyone second the motion, which someone did, and they one by one, all around the table,
voted me out.

What can I do? I overall liked my job and enjoyed being here. I have no income of any kind,
no more job, with no cash on hand. Help! I have been asked to vacate by 09-18-09.

phone: phone: 503-998-4781