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OHSU Has Once Again Crossed The Line

On September 1-2009 a patient at OHSU was handcuffed and assaulted by one of their own security guards.
On September 1-2009 Anna Marie Hartwick - a young woman who suffers the effects of bipolar - post traumatic stress and personality disorders was taken to OHSU by ambulance after experiencing severe pain due to an infection caused by her medications.
Upon arriving at the OHSU emergency facility - waiting for a long time to receive medical attention and being without her medication for three hours - she became irate and attempted to leave the emergency room with four security guards following her.
Ms. Hartwick was tackled and thrown to the ground. Two officers admitted in an incident report they witnessed another unnamed (protected) security guard deliver "focus blows to Hartwick." The officer in question admitted to the assault which happened while the victim was handcuffed and on the ground outside the ER room and again while inside an OHSU vehicle.
According to Hartwick she was punched on both sides of her mouth and on the left side of her cheek - leaving her with a black eye.
Gary Granger - head of OHSU security - admitted to a local investigative reporter "Use-of-force training generally does not rely heavily on officers using blows to control people. It is not a controlling technique."
Hatwick said she admits to spitting and kicking at an officer but she was merely defending herself from the punches while she was handcuffed.
These are the same thugs who are seeking changes in the current law which would allow them to carry guns along with the Tasers they already have in their possession. What would the end result have been if this OHSU goon had been armed with a loaded gun?
When are the citizens and politicians going to stand up to OHSU and say "ENOUGH!"
OHSU already has a reputation for harassing - intimidating - keeping secret files - following and barring Animal Rights Activists from their property (which we as tax payers support). Now they resort to attacking their own patients.

A uniform does NOT make an officer 27.Sep.2009 18:10


Here is a Letter to the Editor written by Kevin Cheyne which was published in the Portland Tribune.
Campuses, hospitals need armed security
I welcome anyone to look at the Portland Tribune's posted picture in "Safety concerns prompts OHSU to mull gun rules" (Nov.6) and tell me, would you know the difference between an Oregon Health & Science University security guard and any other police officer in the nation?
People who do not work security at a major hospital do not understand what goes into it. Officers are highly trained and have significantly more contacts with people who suffer from mental illness, drug addictions, major trauma and gang retaliation.
Officers at OHSU are expected to respond to the same types of calls that Portland police do - just with fewer tools and resources.
We are at a point in the nation now that Oregon is the last state that does not have armed officers at its campuses and hospitals. This is not the wheel that OHSU is inventing. They are just saying - along with the rest of the campuses - "Me too!"
Kevin Cheyne
Southwest Portland

My question to you Mr Cheyne - where was this high degree of training and expertise regarding mental illness on September 1st when you repeatedly punched Ms. Hartwick while she was in custody and handcuffed? Where was your exceptional training earlier this year in March when you were also involved in the arrest of two other women?
Interestingly - Mr Cheyne does not admit in his letter to being employed by OHSU as a Public Safety Officer.