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Annie Le: Conspiracy Theory #1033667

On the Surface.

We have the story. Another tragic murder mystery with few leads. A bride to be stolen from the alter in the prime of her life, only to leave a Nation, watching, wondering?

A one week Search, and Nothing? No Cadaver Dogs in the building of disappearance? Scoffed at confirmation when suggestions of a body being found by authorities? And then, after the intensity of interest peaks - "Stuffed in the Wall".
----------- Conjecture, Or? ...Theoretic Scenario?

Where is Annie Le?

The Theory:

Snatched up. For the next 2 to 3 years, she will be working the Boulevard on some No Name Street in America. Chosen for her extremely high intelligence, she will be forced into prostitution, sent out to fend for herself like a dog, an strung out on heroine.

The induction process of missing persons all over the World. To make One beholden to their captors. Profit, Conditioning, and Ultimately the Complete Control over the individual, and the Nation.

After the hazing. After the Control. Where will we find little Life, Full of Promise, Annie Le?

Is she the inquisitive new reporter at the local TV station? Quickly recognized as a fast and rising Star in the field because of her outgoing appeal and intellectual grasp of today's happenings?

A Mover and Shaker in local City Government. A Strong Woman with a Voice that can codify the masses into a new direction?

This is exactly the covet means by which "They" have enslaved not only a Nation, but an Entire World. This is why the Prostitute of TV say, "We Watch Our Children Closely".

For they do not want the same fate to repeat, though they know ...it will.

How Many Lifeless Milk Cartons Walk among Us?

Lives erased. Disappeared. Embraced by the Cloak of Invisible Ignorance of Everyday Life as We the People watch it pass Us by.


Start the Faux outrage. Shed a Tear. Or? ...Take a Moment

...Not to Listen ...but to Hear.

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that makes no sense. 15.Sep.2009 18:52


try the truth: she was a vivisector. What was done to her was what she did to animals (only what was done to her was kinder, as she wasn't caged and tortured for life). It's called karma.

Let's Wait and See? ... 18.Sep.2009 14:10


And... 21.Sep.2009 15:53


it looks at the moment that it was another vivisector (lab tech) who did it to her. What a surprise that someone who cuts up, poisons, tortures, and kills unwilling victims (animals) daily...might do something similar to another animal (human). A vivisector kills another vivisector...they created their own sick world, and they're living and dying in it.

Media? ...Local Government? ...Entertainment? 02.Oct.2009 12:14

Tracy Mapes news1st@hotmail.com

A.K.A. - One Missing Person at a Time.

Catherine Zeta-Jones? ...Debbie Rentfrow?

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I Know. Do You?